Midtown Happy Hour Anyone?

EMMETT O'LUNNEY'SAt the end of this weeks Lunch’er profile I cast a net for a Midtown lush lunch’er who would be interested in starting a Friday afternoon “Midtown Happy Hour” column. We need cheap after work drinks too, right?  Well it looks like I found somebody, and the first column will go up next week (around this time.)  In the meantime, our friend Kayoko over at Umamimart posted about a great secret Russian happy hour spot in Midtown West.  Enjoy!


  • Yay!!! I’m so prego now but in a few months I’ll be able to enjoy. Great Idea!

  • Zach, you should fix that link unless you want wayne to think Anastasia is giving the “Russian happy hour”.

  • OMG I’m so jealous…. I want in on this happy hour reporting :-(

    Have a nice weekend everyone and remember today is International Talk Like a Pirate day.

  • Yea I’m confused… I didn’t see any Kayoko or Russian Happy Hour bar…

  • sorry… fixed the link.

  • Here’s what the link should be for those of you interested: http://umamimart.blogspot.com/2008/09/best-kept-secret-happy-hour-place-in.html

    I don’t think it’s so secret though, as my ex took me there years ago for our first date. We definitely got some stares.

  • Sounds good. Will have to plan this in advance as I tend to be wearing sneakers on fridays..

  • Is there ever going to be a Midtown Lunch Happy Hour gathering? I pass through Midtown (sorta) on my way home and would love to freak all of these MLers out :)

  • Yeah, I say we do it next week. What’s everyone’s schedule like? Maybe a Thursday or Friday?

    You can email me and I’ll organize.

    MidtownLunchMeetUp at gmail.com

    I’m sucker for a bar with a great happy hour so email me your ideas.

  • I’ll be the one in a P.Smith Suit flicking peanuts at lawyers.

  • I will definately be up for doing this as well. Let me know if you need suggestions for places

  • I would love suggestions email me at the email I posted above and I’ll add you to the email blast.

  • Did someone say nuts?

    I will happily *TWITCH* bite your nuts off

  • Yo, the Russian Vodka Room is definitely well known in some rowdier circles. Ahem. It is totally awesome in a tacky, Twilight Zone, Russian mafia kind of way. Totally up for a meet up, too.

  • please! we’ve been going to the russian vodka room for years and the place is ALWAYS packed at happy hour – to the point where you can’t even breathe. it’s much better to go there late night, when they have the piano player.

  • wouldn’t typically do this just b/c were bonded by the shackles of where we spend our days…but Zach you rule…and the folks you interview are mostly cool – sign me up…

  • My cheap personal fave is without a doubt, Pronto Pizza on 41st btwn 6th and 7th. Happy Hour specials offer Blue Moon drafts for $3.50 (they also have other beers) and $5 mixed drinks plus if you get hungry, a slice is $2.50

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