Midtown: Very Dangerous Place to Be This Week

6th Ave. btw. 42+44th was closed off yesterday after a giant glass panel fell to the street. A “vendor said he had to push his cart down the street after shards of glass fell into his food.”  Did he say anything about picking the glass out of the food?!? This comes less than a week after two men robbed the Starbucks on 3rd Avenue near 41st Street. Of course, that was on a Sunday- so it doesn’t really concern us.


  • This is the 3rd time something has fallen off of that building… WTF?

  • FYI – a hunk of metal came flying down from the building being built on the corner of 41st and 8th Ave (across from the jungle gym – I mean, the NY Times bldg). what is going on with construction in the city lately!?

  • The BOA building construction has just been horrendously done. Who would want to work there after all of these “accidents”?

  • It’ll be raining men (I-Bankers) soon…

  • @DubBklyn – Awww man… you know how I feel about not deleting comments (and I let some pretty bad shit through) but that is sooooo fucked up. A lot of our Midtown Lunch cohorts have lost or are going to probably lose their jobs over this mess. We’ve gotta support with kind words!

  • <3 heart!
    Let’s all kiss and make up. ML family needs to stick together.

  • ….why do birds sundenly appear…anytime you are near?….

  • bad DubKlyn! bad bad!… sit booboo sit…

  • Don’t forget the 2 guys that had to be rescued around 1pm from a scaffold dangling precariously outside the 60th floor of the Metropolitan building on 56th St. between 6th and 7th.

  • I’m sorry, I’m not really cold hearted, but Dubbin’s comment made me chuckle a little. The worst thing that I fear is if some of our favorite vendors will have to close up shop because there isn’t enough customers :(

  • I’ve never known anywhere in NYC to be all that ‘safe.’ ‘Safer’ than before…maybe.

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