Empanada Joe’s is Opening on Thursday at 4pm

The original post about this new chain got some interesting comments. Some of the negative ones were obviously fake, and some of the positive ones were obviously shills. Tomorrow, we get to check it out for ourselves. The empanadas are touted as “always fresh, not frozen” and clearly “gourmet.”  They’re also overpriced- but I’ll reserve judgement until after I actually taste them. 8th Avenue between 43+44th. Store doesn’t open until 4pm, but apparently they will be giving out free samples until 8pm.  Might be a good stop off on the way home from work.  Friday will be their first day open for lunch.


  • I am going to take one for the team and head over there. I only have a cellphone cam though…

  • I ate at the one uptown (113th and broadway) that also just opened recently. Its not bad. The empenadas are baked so they don’t feel over greasy like some I’ve had from street vendors. They are slightly pricey, but if I lived/worked closer to one I would probably partake fairly often.

  • Went at 5:30 yesterday. There were a dozen workers buzzing around in the back, a camera crew out front and investor looking types inside. Ordered a Big Apple and Argentinian beef. Took about 5 minutes. They are probably frozen or refrigerated and cooked on the conveyor ovens that crappy pizza chains use. They have a few forlorn looking sides on display and a variety of beverages. They have hot sauce, catsup, and Chipotle Mayo in squeeze bottles. If you get meat, you will likely want some of the spicy mayo. They were very tasty, but at $7 for the pair, I wont be going back often. I was ambushed by the camera crew and asked a few questions, and to do an interpretive dance. They must not have known I am very familiar w/ Youtube..

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