Maybe Midtown Restaurants Aren’t That Dirty

State Senator Jeff Klein released his annual list of the top 12 dirtiest (and cleanest) restaurants in New York City and surprisingly not a single one of the dirty restaurants were located in Midtown.  Less surprising is the fact that we didn’t have any of the cleanest places either, although Churrascaria Plataforma (on 49th btw. 8+9th) is just outside of the ML boundaries (and waaaaay out of the price range.)

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  • Wow, I’m SO glad I was curious enough to open the link. I’ve been to two of the cleanest (Russo’s on the Bay for a wedding, and Sripraphai recently)… and ONE OF THE DIRTIEST IS LITERALLY A HALF BLOCK FROM MY APARTMENT. I’ve been meaning to go in and try it, just to see if it’d be suitable as a take out Chinese place for quick food, but EW, EW, EW!!! Though its entrance is partially blocked by the subway station that is right there… maybe that’s why it’s extra dirty? EW, ew, ew…

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