Cafe Du Monde is Coming to Midtown


That headline is cruel to anybody who has ever been to the real Cafe du Monde in New Orleans. I’m sorry… but I couldn’t help it. Clearly New Orleans’ Cafe du Monde is not opening up on 37th btw. 5+6th in Midtown. There is no mention of beignets on the sign, and the logo is terrible. I kind of have to wonder- are these people idiots? I know technically it just means “Cafe of the World”, and there is no fear of anybody confusing a generic Midtown deli with one of the greatest coffee shops/fried-dough-covered-in-powdered-sugar makers in the world. But is this legal?

Beignet lovers… I’ll make it up to you after the jump


Er… I kind of realized that picture probably makes things worse.


  • OMG!!! I saw the headline quickly and my heart went a flutter. But then the disappointment. Oh I want to first flight out of here to New Orleans! Mmmmmm…the chickory coffee. The crap here is just that…crap! Yummmmy…the beignets. DunkinDonuts has NOTHING on these beignets. So hot and gooey, dusted with the finest powedered sugar I’ve ever tasted. Heaven…just heaven! I can’t believe some idiot is getting away with this! But thank you so very, very much for clearing up the confusion. And btw, there is an A&P supermarket in Weehawken/North Bergen on River Road that sells both the Cafe Du Monde chickory coffee AND the beignet mix. For those of you who do not drive and are not willing to rent a ZipCar, there is a bus that leaves from the Port Authority that stops there.

  • You can purchase Cafe Du Monde at Whole Foods Regular and Decaffeinated

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