Yum Thai Is Now An Art Gallery?


I was hoping the space vacated by Yum Thai (on 44th btw. 6+7th) would be occupied by another Midtown Lunch, but instead it has been replaced by an art gallery? Weird… I have no idea who Monika Bravo is, or what aka is- but it’s not thai food. And I’m sad.


  • say it ain’t sooooooo! poop.

  • “aka. presents the art of living”

    Blech! Tell that to the homeless and poor.

  • I think that art gallery has some DOH violations.

  • Honestly, the lack of Thai food in midtown is really shameful. I work on 41st and lexington- close to Red Curry on lex and 40th, and Thai-Nam. That’s all. And I’m one of the lucky ones!!

    Please, please…someone. anyone! I need red curry veggies at least twice a week!

  • I had Thai-Nam once and it was awful. You like that place? Maybe I got the wrong thing?

  • This has been here for sometime, they have had about 2 or 3 exhibits that I have noticed maybe 2 years, or slightly less if my memory is correct (but its late and on Friday so I am fried)

  • The aka is a type of fancy schmancy hotel – I stayed at one with a friend in Philly, it’s super classy, upscale and has an art gallery in it.


    Thai-Nam was mediocre at best….

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