Popeye’s is a Madhouse; Bonus Fried Chicken Reveal


Popeye’s is freaking good. Anybody who has ever lived in New Orleans will tell you that, and it appears as if New Yorkers are privvy as well. I stopped by the Popeye’s on 40th btw. 7+8th (the only one in Midtown Lunch’ing range) and couldn’t believe the madhouse (despite other fried chicken options in pretty close proximity.) People love Popeye’s.

Bonus Reveal:  Why was I at Popeye’s?  All will be revealed in a post next week that Midtown fried chicken lovers won’t want to miss…


  • How dare you tease us and make us wait.
    Damn and I do like Popeye’s popcorn chicken.

  • You mean you had a more important reason to be at Popeye’s besides the fried chicken? Unbelievable! unless it more fried chicken, then maybe I could believe that…

  • putting pieces of skin and chicken in the mashed potatoes might be one of the greatest culinary accomplishments of all time.

  • I thought that’s andouille in the mashed potatoes, not chicken and skin?
    PS A hs classmate of mine is in the new Popeye’s commercial! I was watching TV and was like zOMG! lol.

  • @buu, I think the KFC snacker bowls have that, PLUS corn! and gravy

  • Can you say FriedChickenPalooza?!?

    I know you can :)

  • YOU “C” TEASE!!!!!

    And by “C” I mean Chicken!

  • He was meeting up with me and DocChuck

  • Oh yes… But now, I’m hooked of “Piece of Chicken” when i want some good fried chicken…

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