Free White Castle Alert

Thanks to a lunch’er for spotting the White Castle Truck parked on 44th and Broadway giving out free burgers. The truck is only going to be here until 10a.m., and then they’re heading over to the Letterman studios (which is on Bway btw 53+54th) But they’ll only be there until burgers run out- which at this rate should only last until 10:45. Good luck freeloaders.


  • I love the smell of napalm in the morning

  • Who you calling a freeloader.
    Why I would never!

    …..nearly never….

  • letterman is broadway & 54th

  • That’s way too mean to your stomach this early in the morning.

  • I never knew there was a White Castle truck! Do they have the steam table to cook the burgers in the truck???

  • That and morning coffee should lead to some amazing gastrointestinal activity…

  • God I woke up this morning saying to myself… I should go to White Castle down by Macy’s… If the truck is going to be by Letterman giving away free burgers sometime in the noon, count me the fuck in… White Castle @ 10 am should be illegal though

  • @beancounter – thanks. i knew i was wrong when I typed it in, but i was standing in the middle of times square sending the photo from my phone, and had no way of checking.

    @Lou – No dice buddy. The guys said once they ran out of burgers in front of Letterman, they’d be done. He said it would probably last until 11 at the latest…

  • someone say freeloader?

  • Sliders at 10 am? That’s nuts! Uh oh…

  • Oh come on wayne, are you telling me you’ve never woken up at 10am with a cold bag of sliders and chicken rings, in a strange bed with only vague memories of the previous night and….

    well, anyways, not me either….


  • That was you next to me?!?!?!

  • Just stopped by the trucks near Letterman – they say they are only giving the burgers away to the show, whatever that means.

  • That is bullshit! The guy told me open to the public… did you not get a burger?

  • Today I might be going on a Harold and Kumar adventure… where’s my cheetah?

  • …as the Midtown Lunch readership light their torches, tie their nooses and prepare to storm the Chateau Blanc truck…

  • Go with Kristen, say she’s minie driver….(with big tits granted)

    And your both on the show.

    Im going with Hamster….as Elijah Wood.

  • I wanna go with mamacita and wake up next to her and a cold case of sliders. LOL

  • Jee thanks Lou, I think.

    Random note, If any brooklyn folk are reading there’s a Summer Bar Crawl in Park Slope tomorrow night. ;-)

  • OMG – a White Castle TRUCK! Where on earth have they been hiding this little slice of heaven????

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