Post My Lunch: 55th St. & 3rd Ave. Gyro

People like sending me photos of lunches they’ve had, and some of them are from places I’ve never been. So as part of a new feature, I’m going to start posting some of these lunches. After all, as much as I try, I can’t eat everything. Been to this place? Feel free to post a comment below. Want to share one of your own lunches? Email your photo(s) to or post them to the Midtown Lunch Flickr Photo Pool with a description.


I switched jobs, putting me at the edge of the midtown food lunch range… Anyways, found a new (new to me anyways) cart on the corner of 55th and 3rd… Very very happy and this one you need to try. I am feasting on a great Gyro with a huge side of fries. ($6.00) They had a chicken finger and fries combo $6.00 and a burger deluxe, iirc, like 5.25… Also, a good looking fish fillet sandwich, same price range.

The grainy camera phone gyro (and some pretty tasty looking fries), after the jump… 


Hmmm… fries look pretty good, and the gyro looks like an actual gryo (although it’s hard to tell in the crappy photo.)  This might have to another addition to Street Meat Palooza II

Photos and lunch courtesy of Lunch’er Jeff


  • chicken fingers!!!
    BTW, can we combine street meat palozza II with happy hour? Would that at all be possible?

  • I missed street meat palooza I unfortunately and Do not want to miss it again. A way to guarantee an appearance is to assure Booze will be in the mix. Havana Central has $3 dollar pints for HH.

  • Yes, the photo I sent was crappy. Darn Camera phone…. Anyways, since sending Zach the above, I have also tried the Chicken Fingers. The 6 Dollars got you the same size fries as above and like 6 big chicken fingers. They were dry but for the price…. I asked her to put tzatziki (they real deal, not just white sauce!) on them and that was a good call. Since then, I have found a guy on 59th and 3rd that does a decent Lamb/Chicken over rice but no wowzers. If anyone has suggestions in this area, let me know….

  • Them’s aint fries, them’s chips!

  • Do they offer Falafel also ?

    I love me shitty cart falafel and fries.

  • Z – what’s the new gig??

  • It appears as if my new feature is a little confusing. I don’t have a new gig… the guy who sent that photo has a new gig.

  • @ Blondie… Always looking for the drink angle… LOL, if i don’t see ya, have a “liquid” labor day! — your favorite designer

  • Chris, Totally agree.

    There’s nothing better than getting shit-faced with intelligent like minded people.

    But not on,obviously, Amercan beer.

    Maybe that could be a new MT angle, best bars for the craic etc…….you don’t ‘do’ pubs in the states.

    The idea of a pub here is you can go in and talk a stranger about anything and leave as passing friends.Do that in Manhattan you be Mace’d and Tazer’d….and in the Hamster’s case, lacking a couple of things.

  • Do you want some lamb with that white sauce?

  • Speaking of pubs – that red brick wall in the background of that photo is none other than PJ Clarkes….I can recognize it anywhere.

    For street meat, I am fond of the guy on the corner of 53rd and 3rd. Whenever I go around 2pm-2:30ish, he cuts some toasted meat right off of the spinning cone for me.

    The guy on 58th and Lex used to be at 54th and Lex and had great hot sauce but he moved a couple of years ago. I haven’t been back since. I see him periodically and he always says hi.

    Both nice guys.

  • R McB must have been somehow violated on his last NYC visit, all this talk about surly residents, mace, tazers and piss-brew

    Maybe CockChug assaulted Rudy with a bottle of Coors Light in one of his orifices while the nutbag’s wife gave him a lazer-Brazilian

    did I just say nut?

  • wayne just took these comments to another level.

  • Twitchy got over-excited when he spotted the word “nut” on here, running around madly, finally mistaking my own rear aperture for DocChuck’s and after a power-dive is now stuck. While he works his way out (if such things are of interest to you) he’s asked me to remind you all that he will gladly bite your nuts off. Just not right now. Have I mentioned that DocChuck calls me “Elizabeth”?

  • The comments here are better than soap operas.

  • Pay cut?

    My arse.

  • The violated orifice has been identified

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