Farmers’ Market Ends on Friday

Blondie and Brownie remind everybody that this is the last week for the Rock Center Farmers’ Market, next to the rink, between 50+51st (and 5th+6th avenues.)  Friday will be the last day you can pick up fruit, veggies, cheese, sweets and more.


  • One less ripoff in Midtown. I won’t shed a tear. There are plenty more to fill the void…

  • grumpypants.

  • Go back to your own blog! :^(

  • Can’t we all just get along?

  • 50 quid on Blondie.

  • Yeah, she probably is bigger than me!

  • Oh snap, there gonna be a catfight

  • Stevenp, wtf is your problem? “There are plenty more to fill the void…” Like where? Name one other farmers market in Midtown, please.
    Forgive me if I actually like my sustenance food to taste good and be fresh, and there are absolutely no other markets for me to make it to during my lunch hour.

  • make that £100

  • stevenp just got pwned

  • Basic reading comprehension: I said “ripoff,” of which the “Farmer’s Market” for the urban droids to feel ‘healthier’ and better about themselves as they drain their wallets is just one exploitative example. Plenty of ‘organic’/'natural’/'healthy’ ripoffs in Midtown to suck up your $$ if you look. I do find your stated attitude on food to be somewhat hypocritical, given the tons of sugary junk-food garbage that you constantly blog on about and appear to ingest on a regular basis.

    OK, can we get some wagers in good ol’ American dollars now? Heck, I’d settle for euros!

  • well sure then, $50 on Blondie. Does that make you feel better? Try eating an apple. Sounds like maybe a nutritious snack might snap you out of your grumpypants. And as far as rip offs go, I’d rather buy a decent loaf of bread from a farmers market than throw money at cosi any day.

  • Oh steven, everything in moderation. Yes, I eat a lot of bad, sugary food, but I try to balance it out with healthy fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. I don’t think it’s such a crazy idea for me to spend an extra $1/pound on fresh produce that was picked yesterday on a farm upstate, especially if it means supporting the local economy. I spent part of my childhood living around farms like these, so I grew up eating good, tasty produce, not the bland produce you find in many NYC supermarkets. I don’t necessarily need organic or natural, and know that many of Greenmarket vendors are neither.
    And what do you care what it takes to let someone feel better about themselves? You’re seriously ripping on people who like to eat fruits and vegetables. Live and let live.

  • Sarah, you’ll always be my first.

  • I dropped $40 at the Union Square market today on tomatoes, limas, squash blossoms, peaches, berries and arugula (rocket to you limeys)

    I will be happy, healthy and sated this weekend

    And regular

  • Blondie, you ought to look into Commuity Supported Agriculture, I joined a CSA farm this year and it’s been like xmas every Tuesday. All kinds of great stuff not more than a day out of the ground, all organically grown (so not cheap). They drop off locally at a members house and you pick it up from there. No preservatives, no pesticides, no cross-country semi trips just good fresh food that tastes like food.

    To augment that I make weekly trips during August out to Harbe’s in Mattituck just to grab their corn, this stuff is like nothing you’ve every tasted, you throw it in boiling water for 2 minutes and you have candy on it’s own stick. Or roast it on the grill in the husk, awesome stuff. In the unlikely event there are leftovers you can throw it in some batter, fry it on a griddle in some butter and make some kick ass fritters.

    Zach, I’ve been outed my ML card will be dropped in the morning post.

  • A little late to the party, but I’ll put 100 Kuwaiti Dinars on Blondie.

    Seriously stevenp, what is your problem? You ARE being a grumpypants. Weren’t you the one that suggested:

    “You (and anyone else thinking of following your ‘free “lunch”‘ strategy) would be better off learning how to stop in a grocery store once or twice a week, buy some healthy fresh food that’s on sale, make some sandwiches, cook up a pot of pasta and store it in serving-sized containers, etc. You can make a healthy 2-3-egg omelet for a buck or less. There are lots of other such options for healthy, inexpensive meals. Shopping for and preparing them would take less time than your lunchtime “tours” and be more nutritious. Much better than the scrounging that you are espousing here.”

    BTW, I had a very nice ratatouille for lunch from the Katchkie booth at the Rock Center Farmer’s market. $4. Let’s see: healthy, delicious, and affordable. Check, check, check. I’m satisfied with my purchase AND the free pickle samples I scored while waiting to pay.

  • Stevie Babes, have you any idea what the recent fighting in Ossetia, Georgia has done to the price of caviar?

    May even have to try irianian beluga, and that’s damned un american.

    See!!! because of you im financing nuclear proliferation.

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