Taco-Gate 2008: Toloache Pulls the Plug on Takeout


So it appears as if the real big problems at Toloache’s $1 taco celebration were mostly contained to the first hour.  Once they got rolling in the kitchen, things seemed to settle down a bit.  There was a line, but my to go order came out in less than 10 minutes and there were many reports of people getting more tacos than they ordered.  Case in point: me.  As you can see from the photo above, my tacos didn’t quite make it back to the office in perfect condition, but damn were they tasty.  Small, but tasty- and well worth the $1 price tag. Downing 7 for lunch was no problem.  I paid for 9, and ended up getting 11.  Score for me. Oh, and brisket was replaced by pork on the menu. Double score.

Unfortunately the early excitement of the Midtown Lunch community has ruined it for the rest of the day, and according to the restaurant they will no longer be doing $1 taco take out orders today.  (Naturally, you are free to order from the regular menu though.) You are more than welcome to come and eat $1 tacos in the restaurant, but you cannot take them to go. The promotion goes on until 11pm, and they do take reservations, so I would recommend calling ahead (212-581-1818).  Of course the way things are going today, maybe they’ll change their mind again… who the hell knows.  For once it would be nice for a restaurant to have a plan. $1 Tacos + Midtown Lunch’ers = (in the words of Eater) “a bit of a shitshow”.  Good luck to the after work crowd…


  • This is kind of cheating but you can sit at the bar, and then eat a taco, then have them pack up the other 6… it’s sorta like take-out and you still probably should tip.

    And after seeing the shitshow that was lunch at 12:30 today… I wouldn’t be surprised if they stop take-out because they ran out of aluminum foil or something stupid like that.

  • The tacos in the photos look unappetizing. I have no idea why people would want to eat boring, dry, flavorless tacos in midtown anyway. Even $1 a taco

  • Just came back home from $1 taco ecstasy. I took them all down at the bar with 2 Negra Modelos. The mushroom taco was the surprise hit, it was hands down the best I’ve had in a very long time. The place was pretty empty at 5:30 but by 6:30 the bar was full and seating was getting limited. No take out, only seated service.

    Sooooooo worth the wait. If I worked closer I would have been a glutton and done both lunch and dinner there. There were a few midtown lunchers there but I’m not into chicks and the guys looked like dorks, so I didn’t say hi.

  • Oh ya, baby. BFT is back due to popular demand. I got some good news and some bad news on this taco deal, New Yorkers. Here’s the good news – BFT is having yet another great hair day. And here’s the bad news – NYC knows dick about good tacos. You want good tacos, beach life, surf and hot dumb blonde girls? Then you come out to San Diego…but New York for the love of god and all that is good and holy in this world please leave your black socks at home if you wear flip flops out here.

  • UH YEAH, my grandma retired n San Diego, so how old are you anyways??

  • Grandma, Mamaciita? Mercy. The BFT is top shelf and top shelf only. I don’t think I’ll be rocking bottle service downtown in the gaslamp district with your octigenerian grandma Friday night if that’s where you’re going with this. BFT draws the line at MILF Plus. Now go chop some wood – NY winter is coming, ya know.

  • Mamacita, I’d offer to bite his nuts *TWITCH* off, but this guy sounds like he’s come up two short in this area. Maybe one of my 17 brothers and *TWITCH* sisters got to him already.

  • BFT (Big fucking twat) NY know dick about tacos you say.

    Whereas you know alot about dick, don’t you?

    You Nobcheese little hemmeroid.

  • I was seated right away, it took 45 min to get the tacos and they messed up my order so I received a bunch more tacos. The tortilla is so fresh and everything was so yummy. I won’t pay 15$ for 3 tacos but this 1$/taco was fantastic.

  • Watch it, McBagel, or I’ll be forced to bite your nuts off….given my accommodations, you should understand that most of *TWITCH* my friends are Hemorrhoids, and I can assure you that they are very sensitive……and good listeners (though lousy conversationalists)

  • I was one of the last people who got thier tacos from takeout. I waited nearly an hour for it. And yes, they were small and in hindsight, not worth the wait.

    I would have thought they had this thing well planned out. Maybe preparing stuff the night before realizing there would be a big influx of people. But no, they seemed to be a little shellshocked when so many people were lined-up outside the door.

    Very dissapointing indeed. They should have thoughts this promotional thing through.

  • What’s wrong with dorky dudes Mamcita?

  • I went with friends last night for dinner, they only had seats at the bar which turned out nicely for us. We made up for $1 tacos, with expensive drinks. I am still glad we went, the food was delicious. I don’t know if I would pay $9 for 2 tacos, but the mushroom taco was the best taco I have had in the city.

  • I thought this was a food blog? If anyone knows anything about food they know that there are different incarnations of the same food type in different regions.

    Good is subjective, and “authentic” is relative. Authentic tacos from San Fran are different from authentic tacos in Mexico City. And just because BFT can’t find what he considers a good San Fran taco in NYC doesn’t mean there aren’t great tacos in NYC.

    Check out:
    Patty’s Taco Truck
    El Paso Taqueria
    Las Poblanitas

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