Don’t Get Too Excited For Schnitzi

Last week the New York Times reported that Schnitzi (a Brooklyn schnitzel shop) was planning on opening a branch in the Diamond District in Midtown. After taking a look at the menu, I got pretty excited for the prospect of sesame coated chinese style schnitzel (Schnitzi does a lot of crazy versions of schnitzel.) Unfortunately I talked to the owner, and while he would love to open an outpost in Midtown, he doesn’t actually have a space or immediate plans to obtain one.  At the earliest, we may see a Schnitzi in 6 months. In the meatime you’ll have to make due with Kosher Deluxe (45th btw. 5+6th), or for the german version- Hallo Berlin Express (9th Ave. btw. 49+50th).



  • Kosher Schnitzel? Sounds suspiciously like a Zen Burger

    i.e. a waste of good stomach space

  • I’m getting an “Attack Site” warning page when I visit any ML page. (Using Firefox 3). Anyone else having this problem? My “workaround” right now is to open it up in an IE tab.

  • @stevenp – Yeah, we had an issue last week- but it’s been fixed. we’ve requested that google rescan our site to remove the “attack site” thing.

    Unless of course the “This site may be harmful” refers to the unhealthy food you’ll be exposed to…

  • Zach, have you checked their menu? (
    They are not going to make your MidTown Lunch price criterion, even in Brooklyn. With Manhattan rents, fuhgeddaboutit!!!


  • Zach, I *knew* it! Your review of Tad’s was even recognzed by Google as a danger to innocent websurfers!

  • I go to the Shnitzi in Brooklyn all the time. Its very good and VERY big. You definitley get your moneys worth. The put like three huge pieces of chicken in every sandwich and the bread is a fresh bageutte. Their sauces are great too.

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