$1 Taco Update:Toloache Not Answering Phone

12:06pm – Just called to place an order for my $1 tacos.  Sent to voicemail.  Voicemail transfers me to operator. Operator doesn’t answer. Voicemail hangs up on me.  Call back.  During voicemail I press 0. Phone rings and rings. Asks me to leave a message. Taco fail. May have to walk down and see what is going on. Not good.  12:09 UPDATE:  They answered the phone.  “Sorry sir.  We are not taking orders at this moment.  We are very busy.”  No shit.  What did you expect?


  • We called at 11:45 and were very politely told that delivery was available for the regular menu only and not for the $1 tacos (no surprise). We sent a co-worker to the restaurant with money and a camera. Will report back soon, hopefully with photos of any line forming and, hopefully, taco porn.

  • Will they still have the promotion at dinner? 5pm? When I’m finally released from this prison I call work??

    Anyone know?

  • Just popped in ten minutes ago, was told they might start taking orders in an hour…

  • 12:31 Urgent Update

    My co-worker had waited in line for nearly one-half hour when an announcement was made that TAKE-OUT SERVICE HAD BEEN SUSPENDED!!!
    It was announced that take-out service might be reinstated in about an hour, but, for the time being, many line-waiters were turned away.

    Seems like this is a common theme at promotional giveaways these days.

  • This is going to get ugly quick.
    Beware the wrath of a midtown luncher scorned!


  • What kinda crap is that? I’m going to head over around 1:30- 2pm and hope for the best!!!

  • It appears they were unprepared from the get-go. My co-workers and I got there at 11:50, normally well before any lunch rush, there were 3 people on line ahead of us, and we were told they weren’t taking orders anymore and there was at least an hour wait.

    Remember, they open at 11:30. And though a few people were waiting outside for their orders, there was hardly anybody in the restaurant proper.

  • …though it wasn’t a total loss. We walked up to 9th Ave. and went to Hallo Berlin. 9th And 50th isn’t so far away when you’re already at 8th and 50th!

  • got there around 12:15 – the line was probably about 15-20 deep, and it didn’t move for about 20 minutes, so we left… They were basically stalling…

    oh – and you know the site no longer works on firefox? It thinks that it’s an attack site… hopefully you guys are working on that

  • phoned in a 14-taco order at 11:30, got there at 11:50 with a few people in line, picked up order at 12:25. got a lotta nasty looks on the way out with my bag-o-taco’s.

  • Will, as a work-around, you can open the webpage in an IE tab. (If you have the IE Tabs extension installed, of course!) Zach mentioned elsewhere that he was aware of the issue (arising from a problem last week) and had requested that Google re-scan the site to give it a clean bill of health.

    Thanks all for the updates! How tasty are the tacos?

  • got there at about 11:50, placed order, was told 25 minutes, came back at 12:25, left with tacos at 12:50. must reiterate what anonymous just commented @ 12:44 on yesterday’s post that the tacos are small (two-bite, for those of us with big mouths), so you’ll definitely need 7. good news is that they are delicioso, right on par with pampano taqueria. bonus: with all the chaos, was treated to three extra tacos, whether unintentionally or not.

  • Got in with 2 coworkers at 11 35…got a seat in about five minutes….ordered 8 tacos for 3 of us and also guacamole because we felt a little bad….the waiter gave us slightly dirty looks….very good tacos…towards the end of the meal we ordered 5 more to take-out and it took about 25 minutes to come out….lots of empty tables near us and people weren’t being seated….maitre’d wasn’t doing a good job

    However for me a very positive experience akin to the free lunch at the volstead.

  • Arrived before 1oclock and 5 of us got seated in 5 minutes. Took about 40 minutes to get our food and 5 to eat it. All the tacos are very flavorful and prepared nicely but kinda small. Its really worth it to get the 7 taco maximum and get whatever you don’t eat to go. Try every kind, they are all good.

  • Took about 40 minutes to get as well… alright… ive had better tacos… not worth the wait. it was empty by the time i left.

  • Ah, thanks for the info. I might step out for a burger at the Shack then.

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