Tuesday is $1 Taco Day at Toloache

Molleja Tacos @ Toloache, Midtown NYC

I love it when expensive restaurants slum with the Midtown Lunch’ers. Toloache, the expensive but inventive Mexican restaurant on 50th btw. Bway+8th, will be celebrating its one year anniversary tomorrow¬†by selling $1 tacos all day long. They have an extensive menu of tacos (including grasshoppers), but only these 3 will be available for $1:

Pollo (chicken breast adobado, pico de gallo, manchego cheese)
Suadero (Negra Modelo-braised brisket, tomatillo salsa, horseradish crema)
Hongos y Nopales (Maitake & huitlacoche mushrooms, cactus, doble crema cheese)

There is a limit of 7 tacos per person (clearly they were afraid of the Midtown Lunch’ers) but they allow you to eat in, or take your order to go. For a place as good as Toloache, selling their tacos at $2 would be a lunchtime bargain. For $1, they’re literally giving them away. Don’t miss out. 11:30 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Toloache, 251 W. 50th St. (btw. B’way+8th) 212-581-1818


  • Remember the orgasm scene from harry met sally?

    That’s Mamacita as she reads about this.

  • anyone know if they do take-out?

  • @Freeloader Zach mentioned it in the last paragraph: “… they allow you to eat in, or take your order to go.”

  • any idea what time they open?

  • Sorry! 11:30 am to 11pm

  • May be buying a Giambi moustache just to try to get around the limits..

  • ahhh, west side gets everything! ::sad walk down 3rd ave as charlie brown theme plays in background::

  • @ mish: y’know, there is a crosstown shuttle if you’re near 42nd, or it’s 3 stops away if you’re by 51st or 59th.

    So, does anyone know if they have all their tacos on sspecial? Even grasshoppers? How much will they cost?

  • @stevenp: Must. Read. Whole. Article.

    I think I’ll convince a cow-orker or two to head over and enjoy the line tomorrow.

  • Do they deliver? I tip very well.

  • @Dave: ’twas a joke.;) BTW, I’ve never orked a cow. Does it make the steaks tastier? ;)

  • So you can go anytime between 11:30–11pm? Or do they close between lunchtime and dinner time?

  • I like the hongos tacos. Can’t speak to the other two.

  • Just got back from Toloache – the line for take out was pretty long so try to dine in if you can.
    Also, the brisket taco wasn’t part of their special- it’s been replaced with the pork one. Keep in mind that they are small so figure about five tacos would satisfy the average person (maybe seven for the average midtown luncher).

  • Were they worth the trip/wait? I’m considering going later this afternoon, between lunch and dinner hours. Thx for the report!

  • I went at about 2:20 and they refused to serve us $1 tacos, saying they were “running out of product.”

    Bummer. Especially since I have been a paying customer, taking in groups of people on 3 different occasions.

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