Magnolia Bakery Coming to Midtown


  • blah. i’ve never been a fan. i find their cupcakes dry and boring.

  • seriously – i’ve never understood nyc’s fascination w/ cupcakes – they’re really not that great

  • I’ll still be walking east to 51st & 2nd avenue for my far superior Buttercup cupcakes. Which, incidentally, make for a great dessert after lunch at Pampano.

  • With that rent, the cupcakes should cost as much as Prada shoes..

  • It might be in the underground concourse there, where Burger King and Wendy’s are located. And a Subway shop, etc. (Did one of them close down a while back?)

  • I agree with mish. It’s very hard to enjoy sub standard (dry & boring) cupcakes, knowing full well, the most delicious, moist, inexpensive cupcakes are south in the city at Sugar Sunshine Sweet. I have refused on many occasions various cupcakes simply because they weren’t SSS. And I love cupcakes…

  • free magnolia cupcakes in my office snackroom presently. I’m not nitpicky about dryness, frosting, etc, as long as coworkers continue to buy them for me.

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