Belly Deli Goes Belly Up

This just came in to the ML inbox: “Just went by my go-to sandwich place, Belly Delly Deli on Broadway bet. 49+50th and see that it has been seized by the NYS Tax Dept for unpaid taxes.”  Poor Superman.  That totally generic Midtown deli was one of his favorites.


  • Haha!

  • I made it onto ML. Life is complete.

  • Poor gaysuperman….it’ll be a bottle or 3 of paul mason rose for him tonight….and the wizard of oz on dvd.

  • hey wayne & rudy, just got Spaced on dvd, finally released in the US, it’s hilarious. It’ll be a bottle and season 2 for me tonight.

  • i completely missed the second half of that take-down-gay-superman thread. good fun catching up!

  • I was just there this morning and they were open

  • I was wondering wtf “Gay Superman” was. The internet is a horrible and wonderful place.

  • Dubbin,

    Sadly Gay Superman is who Rudy McBagel wished I was. It gets lonely making love to bagels every night.

  • Kind of a weird comeback, and could be taken as a statement that you yourself have a bagel fetish.

    Lawrence – how’s the blog going? Still eating more than most mortals dare?

  • my thoughts too, DDR. i thought he was admitting that he likes to stick his you know what in the bagel hole.

  • Hated that place.. I got a vitamin water there one time and it was like $8!

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