Empanada Joe’s Is Coming to Midtown


From a Lunch’er email: “Looks like the critically-panned Empanada Joe’s has setup shop and will be opening soon (on 8th Ave. btw. 43+44th.) Interior looked 80% done, maybe within a month they’ll open?”  According to Eater, there is a location already open in Morningside Heights, where an empanada costs $3.38.  Hmmm.  A “critically panned” $3+ empanada doesn’t sound too promising… but we’ll see what happens when it opens.  Anybody tried Empanada Joe yet?

For those who care- an interior shot of construction after the jump.  



  • IT’s just a Cornish Pasty.

    Doing the Tango.

  • If you want real empanadas you gotta get them from random street carts… ive had rubens emapanadas by the seaport and i thought they sucked.

  • There are pretty good empanadas nearby at Fashion Soup Co. (41st btw Bway and 6th).

  • Outside of Midtown lunch boundaries, but they deliver inside Midtown lunch boundaries so it’s ok. Empanada Mama on 9th and 51st. Huge selection of empanadas at about $2.50 a piece, very good, plus they bring it with delicious green sauce.

  • I had empanadas last week from a cart on 50th (crepe cafe cart). They were $2 each, $3 for 5. I thought both the beef and chicken were pretty good.

  • It pains me to pay more than a buck for a empanada, same with tamales. But it’s NYC, so there you go.

  • Buy the frozen ones and heat them yourselves. The prices restaurants charge for these things are criminal…

  • Seriously, $2.50 is tops for me… Most of the time these $2.50 ones are made up mostly of dough. On the streets on the Bronx these bad boys go for $1.25- 1.50, and they are much, much better.

  • I agree with Susan – I usually get my empanadas at the Crepe cart on 53rd street. They’re small, but filling.

  • Love Empanada Mama on 9th Ave, they have soooo many flavor combos, also offer a small menu of food.

  • all the above coomments were written befofore the store even openened. I ‘ve eaten there, it’s great, dellicious food,healthy food not fried like the above mentioned and definitly worth the price. if you don’t enjoy this stick to your tired old burgers, pizza, and sushi borough people.

    if you don’t enjoy

  • Finally the voice of reason. Critically panned? Not by all the happy customers I saw when I tried it out. Personally, I’d rather pay three-something for an item from a nice clean restaurant than two-something from a street vendor whose cart has been God only knows where. Liked all the empanadas I tried: the Argentine beef, the Dolce sausage and peppers and the pina colada. It’s definitely a nice change of pace. See you in line.

  • I found the empanadas delicious when eaten w/ the sauces available. The best part is that I don’t feel like I’ve eaten a greasy restaurant in the process. These babies are evidently baked instead of being fried and that is a big plus. You can chow down without feeling bloated.

    I think these guys have a bright future after a few kinks get worked out.

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