Mexican Burrito Cart Fail

In July of 2007 I was pretty excited to report that Calexico, the Mexican cart in Soho famous for their carne asada, would be opening a second cart in Midtown.  Well, it’s over a year late- but cart #2 is finally up and running and parked on… 25th St. and Park Avenue.  Wha!?!?!  That’s not Midtown.  Totally lame. [Chow via Eater]


  • I went there the other day when I was working from home and was happy to find no line and a great so-cal style burrito. Too bad they didn’t decide to park themselves a bit further north though. I did have the pleasure of relishing my burrito in madison sq park while watching all the hungry folks in line for shake shack.

  • Glad to hear the line is shorter – that’s the one bad thing about their SoHo location. Are they rocking music? It was nice to listen to old Metallica or odd punk stuff while waiting for my food.

  • Yeah, it took us a little longer to get the second cart up and running than we expected. Dealing with the permitting red tape ain’t easy – we had the new cart sitting in a garage for almost a YEAR until we finally got clearance to use it. Needless to say, we weren’t happy about it. Anyway, we’re up and running now. Not in Midtown as some rumors had it, but closer, anyway – 25th and Park. Hope to see you there!


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