Artichoke Pie and Rice Balls are Back For Now

Bossman checks in to report that Papa Perrone’s Truck (on 55th btw. Mad+Park) is back from vacation, but there’s “a signed posted saying he won’t be there 8/18 and 8/22.”  Something about private parties? He also mentioned that even though his artichoke pies have been selling out pretty quick, you can maybe order a whole one in advance, if you want.  It might be time to gather up the co-workers…


  • I just got back and only one spinich and cheese rice ball was left. He said wasn’t going to be there on Monday but is there Tuesday and the artichoke pie will be there also.

  • I was there at about 12:15. Never had a sicilian rice ball before. It was very tasty, thanks for posting about it and giving me the idea! I didn’t see any pie listed, and I didn’t ask about it. I may have to go back on Tuesday and check it out.

  • can someone give me a better idea of what the rice balls are like? is the rice is a rich, cheesy white sauce? or is it a red sauce? all i can seem to find in nyc are super heavy white sauce ones that i can barely stomach.

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