Panda Express Rules!

The LA Times has a great article on my favorite fast food place, Panda Express.  What can I say? I love Hing Won and Szechuan Gourmet, but that doesn’t make me any less addicted to the Panda Express orange chicken.  The owner talks about how well the company is doing, but makes no mention of whether or not they will expand to NYC.  My open plea to Andrew Cherng: PLEASE BRING PANDA EXPRESS TO MIDTOWN!!!


  • Isn’t this like asking for another Olive Garden?’

    You know where they have Panda Express every 10 feet? Texas.

  • No, no, no caryn. Panda Express is very tasty fast Cinese food–reliable and consistent. There are lots of better restaurants here in NYC for Chinese, but also many that are worse. (And sometimes you don’t know until you ry it!) I wouldn’t mind a PE or 2 in NYC. The ones I’ve eaten at in Denver airport and the Pru Center in Boston were very good–not spectacular or gourmet, but very good.

  • Panda Express is trash.

    I like Oriental Noodle House. The people that work there are kooky.

  • I remember a few years back shopping in some supermarket chain in LA and it had a Panda Express actually inside of it, for you to order and eat there. It was like a unhealthy wacked out Whole Foods now that I think about it.

  • NYC had a Panda Express, it was called Hop Won… Whats that disgusting chinese place on 7th and 34th? It’s almost a Panda Express…

  • We had a Panda Express in our student center at Penn State. Ate there occassionally.. but not a huge fan (better chinese off campus). Of course your other choices in the student center were Sbarro, Chik-fil-A, Joegies (Joe Paterno Sandwich Shop), and a no-name gross burger place… so not so bad in the bigger picture.

  • Don’t forget Casa Ortega and that overpriced salad bar, Margot! And I think the HUB’s options were pretty decent compared to what I’ve seen at other student centers.

    WE ARE!

    For the record, I think the burger place was called Union Street Burger Co. Pretty terrible, it’s true.

  • Seriously Zach, I can understand if you’re at the mall (even with your love of food courts) or if you’re somewhere not in NYC, but why oh why would we ever need this in Midtown? I agree with Caryn, it is very much like asking for another Olive Garden. This is not real Chinese food. There’s no reason to eat at a place like this if you’re in New York. (Put it right next to the McDonald’s next to my building and watch all of the tourists flock there while ignoring all of the real restuarants.)

  • I only eat at Chinese take-out places with puns in their names, like “Wok and Roll.”


    I don’t recall a casa Ortega when I was there… but I do recall the overpriced salad… ha… oh the joys of living on campus.

    Union St. GOOD memory.. digusting rubbery burgers that always seemed like a good idea at 1am

  • mfc, how is that place? I live in the UES, and walk by there all the time.

  • Isn’t there one of these in the Rockefeller concourse?

  • mfc, thanks for the laugh!

    too bad Aerosmith never opened a chinese place, it could have been called “Wok this Way!”

  • Easy, take the PATH to Newport. Get out. Walk to the mall across the street. Panda Express is right there in the food court. From 33rd street the trip takes 30-40 minutes.

  • @Lisa – Are you serious! Is it a good Panda Express? The real deal? I have found that mall Panda Expresses on the East Coast pale in comparison to the stand along Panda Expresses that you find on the West Coast.

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