Milant Makes Its Full Return Tomorrow

Milant (on 39th btw. Lex+3rd) re-opened today, after a run in with the DOH and a complete “rennovation” of their kitchen. The refrigerator case that houses most of the sandwich ingredients was totally cleaned out, so they were only serving smoked turkey sandwiches today (I passed.)  I guess this is good news, considering that at one time Milant was my favorite sandwich in Midtown, but I can’t help but shake the feeling that something is still off with the place.  Questions still linger about the cleanliness, and the really old looking stuff they still have for sale in the windows and on a little shelf on the sidewalk doesn’t help. 

The guy behind the counter told me the fridge will be re-stocked tomorrow, and the full menu will be available, so Milant lovers should keep their fingers crossed.  If any super-fans go, let us know in the comments how it is…


  • …Because boy was I craving a really dry sandwich today

  • In the green sign: Catering only has 1 “T”

    See what you’ve done to me people, I’ve become a grammar natzi!
    Or maybe I’m just cranky… time to go home.

  • Mamacita–no, it is supposed to read “cattering.” Don’t you know where they get their meats from???

    Besides, misspellings are not the realm of grammar nazis, and there is no ‘t’ in ‘nazi’! (STOP ME NOW!!!)

  • I noticed it was “open” around 2 yesterday. I think it’ll be a long time before i venture in again though.

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    Hello everyone, Millant is comming back with a new look in January 2010.

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