Midtown Cart Vendors Lip Synch Their Way To You Tube

Eater just posted a link to this amazing You Tube video for ”The Food Cart Song” starring some well known (and not so well known) cart vendors in Midtown. Amyn from King Tut (on 50th & 6th), Muhammed from the famous cart on 53rd & 6th, and Andrea from the Jamaican Dutchy (on 51st & 7th) all make an appearance.  Oh, and they lip synch too.

Greatest… video… ever.


  • Yeah, that was funny. Did you catch this one from the same series:


    NC BBQ is the best!!

  • That did, in fact, rule!

  • Brilliant! And I had my first Famous Hala chicken and lamb combo over rice today. Mmmm mmm mmm!

  • ahhhhh, jamaican cart!! that couple is so great, LOVE THEM. they always wave to me on the street and give a big smile, even if i’m doing the walk of shame past their cart to hit the egyptian fruit guy next door…

  • Those poor venders, they look totally pissed off.can imagine the pre ‘can we video you’ convo..”yes,yes we’re from immigration.it’s for homeland security ya’know”

  • I was pretty excited to see some carts that I recognized.

    When they are singing about jerk chicken in front Jamaican Dutchy, they were holding one of the stuffed meat pies.

    Still pretty awesome though.

  • Get rid of the two lame-o doofuses to make it loads better.


  • awesome! love these guys and love your website!:)

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