At Lunch Now: No Salad is Worth This Line People

This was the scene at Chop’t on 56th btw. Park & Madison at 12:40 today. They’re not even giving away free food or nothing. Really? Seriously? There’s even a Cosi right next door. Oh, sorry. They don’t chop their salads up into little bitty pieces. You people is crazy.

Chop’t is As Terrifying As You Would Think


  • Where else can you get a po’ boy salad? Not that it really has any resemblance to a real po’ boy.

  • Did you know Big Apple Deli on 6th between 46th and 47th was closed by the board of health on 8/7. Saw some workers outside today…can’t tell if it will reopen or not.

  • That place is like that every day. Today is not unique. I don’t care enough to try it.

  • None of these people have teeth so they need their salad chopped up into very fine bits. Little known fact.

  • From what I have seen in documentaries, a tossed salad is nothing to scoff …

  • Really, they’re called documentaries now?

  • From the picture, it seems a lot of women like their salads tossed boys. How does that work exactly??

  • $10 for a tub-o-food, which is a good value I guess but the resulting food coma is a little much. And isn’t a salad supposed to be a healthy alternative for lunch? These salads are so big you get nauseous if you finish them but not in the good “man, that sub was huge but it was so good I had to finish it” way.

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