At 2:15 Sun Yip is Awesome; At 3pm… Not So Much

I am a big fan of the 2:15 lunch special at Sun Yip (formerly Ho Yip).  I can’t usually wait that long for lunch, but on the days I can- it’s a nice treat.  Basically after 2:15 they discount their steam table to $4.29/lb. (it used to be $3.75, but what are you gonna do).  This is a pretty big deal, considering that most by the pound buffets are at least $6 a pound, and most of the good ones are even more.  Usually I go right at 2:15, when the buffet is still full (they usually do one major refill just after 2pm) but the other day, I happened to be walking by at 3pm and saw a pretty pathetic sight. 


I guess that 2pm refill is the final one, so if you want to take advantage of this deal, it’s clearly best to get there right at 2:15pm.  I actually got a related question emailed to me this week:

“Have you ever posted about the afternoon discounts that exist in Midtown? Two that come to mind are half-price baked goods at Cucina in the Metlife lobby after 3 pm, and discounted pizza at Naples 45, also in the Metlife building. Also there is half price sushi after 3 at Cavonberry’s Deli on E 46th (btwn 5th and Madison). I’m not into any of these except the cookies at Cucina, but i’m curious about what else might be out there for afternoon snacking.”

Like I said, I usually pass out if I haven’t eaten by 12:07 so this isn’t really my area of expertise.  I’m pretty sure this topic has been mentioned before, but it could use a refersher thread.  Feel free to comment below…


  • What a great idea!
    While you’re at it, would you mind creating a web log describing tasty and affordable lunch spots located within midtown Manhattan?

  • DDR!

    My work here is done.

  • ha ha, if you pass by after most restaurants and supernarkets are closed, they have plastic bags and green bins just full of free food!

  • Zing!
    Good one, dubbib

  • After viewing Chucky’s Blog pic and calculating his BMI @ 50% fat, I’ve established that his nearest biological cousin is infact a pork scratching or chicharrones.

    Have a Very nice weekend very nearly everyone:)

    (I heard a Fannie Mea broker cry today, life is good.)

  • I’ve hit up the Cavonberry sushi when I worked nearby–pretty good for deli sushi, and a good deal at 50%.

  • First, let me qualify my question and my subsequent comments by the admission that I am a retired “educator” who is NOT in favor of “globalism.” I think that the concept is VERY dangerous to the health and welfare to the citizens of the United States of America.

    That being said, I am infuriated by the daily reports of China’s shipping of poisonous food and food-related products into the U.S. China has inundated us with poisonous products including pet foods, fruits and juices, vegetables, meat products, seafood, toothpaste, and God knows what else.

    Many of our elected officials, who could not care less about our health, permit this travesty in the name of “open-trade” and “globalism.”

    • So, what can we do to protect ourselves from China’s poisonous products?
    • What are YOU doing to protect yourself?
    • What suggestions do you have for the rest of us?

    I know that “MidtownLunch” is not a political forum, nor should it be. However, the problem of people being sickened (and in some cases, dying) from eating imported crap . . . insufficiently regulated by our government . . . is worthy of rational discussion.

    I have several PhD’s, by the way.

    And a young and vibrant wife. She’s an LPN, if that excites you. And proprietress of a successful laser hair removal salon.

    Plus I live a very comfortable life on my small horsefarm in Arkansas (you can see it in my profile).

    So what do you think?

    C.R.T., PhD

  • Your 400lbs and you say chinese food is un healthy?

    You grit eathing no necked zenophobic pig faced fuckwit.

    ;) zachariah.

    Rudy McBagel Phd Realism and aulturism.

  • Several years ago, I was attending a function at Arkansas State University at Mountain Home, Arkansas (ASUMH).

    While there, I was introduced to a person who had just relocated from the “Windy City” to my hometown in the “Twin Lakes” area.

    I don’t remember how or when the conversation evolved (perhaps I should say “devolved” )into a discussion about our Arkansas customs, but this character mentioned that he was served “GRITS” for breakfast at a restaurant that morning, and that “the mere sight of grits” sickened him.

    He then asked me if I (as an “academic”, as he put it, apparently attempting to place me on the same cultural level as he perceived himself) ate that sort of thing.

    I will not bore readers with further details of the encounter with this fine “gentleman” from Chicago, but suffice to say that both my young wife and I got quite a belly laugh out of the whole thing.

    So, what do my NYC neighbors think about grits?

    Hey, don’t pull punches . . . let it all hang out!

  • Last I checked, several poisonous things were coming out of Arkansas and spreading disease all over the internets.

  • My dearest Blondie:

    Did you know that over 25% of the residents of Nw York City carry infectious herpes?

    Please wear gloves or carry Purell with you at all times.

    I am a PhD in English and Psychology but my wife is a health care professional.

  • Do you know why Texas and Arkansas police forces have zero conviction rate on Rapes/Murders?…Because these no Dental evidence(no teeth)…and all the good ol’ boys have the same DNA.

  • The sushi is half price after 4 at Pranzo. It is better at Cavonberry though.

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