Sam’s House Cafe is Just Bagelfeller in New Clothes


For those who were hoping Bagelfeller (on 48th btw. 5+6th) would morph into a decent Midtown Lunch, I’ve got some bad news.  They changed the name (it’s called Sam’s House Cafe now), and they’ve added a weird greenish counter, but the food seems to be mostly the same.  The salad bar, the weird tex-mex food, the sushi… it’s all there.  So much for hopes…


  • Is there anywhere in the Rock Center area to get a good bagel with cream cheese? Most places suffer from having crappy bagels, or not toasting the bagel enough, or using too little cream cheese, or all three. Also, I like my bagels just as much for breakfast as I do for lunch, but they give me dirty looks and Dean and Deluca if I come in for a bagel after 1PM.

  • I clicked on the link to see the green counter.

  • Sorry, I guess counter is the wrong word. What do you call that long green panel in front of the steam tables?

  • I think you just call it “that long green panel in front of the steam tables.”

  • Walked in half way and saw that some of the employees looked the same, I turned and walked out … maybe next time I will try something cos they been closed by DOH way too often and changing colors to the counter makes no difference. :oP

  • “Nothing that a coat of paint can’t fix!”

  • this place is great. best wraps in midtown

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