Arby’s Fans Rejoice! Chain Returning to NYC

Devastated Arby’s Fan (not me)

When the one and only Arby’s on the island of Manhattan closed at the beginning of the year, fans were inconsolable.  Where will we go to get our beef n’ cheese fix?!?!  Your wails of sadness have been heard by corporate.  Arby’s has just announced that they will be opening 41 new stores in the New York City metro area over the next 10 years.  Bologna style roast beef (covered in cheese) for all!!!  [Serious Eats: New York]


  • Long Island apparantly has begun to get new Arbys in their malls.

  • Horray for the king of Yonkers!!!! I heard Charra (sp?) is behind this, and if memory serves me correct he’s the guy who owned Snapple, sold it off, then bought it back for like 60% of what he was paid for it in the first place. This is also the guy who owns half of Yonkers high end retail/office space and has been heavily involved with trying to get approved for the whole on again off again hotel/casino deals just past Westchester. Charra also owns a large stake in Arby’s stock too and this was all before this new “group” of his was setup to roll out more Arby’s in NYC.

    I know a bit about the guy because a family member of mine used to be close with one of his son’s playing amateur hockey a few years back, yadda yadda.

  • The Arby’s in the Sunrise Mall and the other spot have been around for I believe under a year now but why go to Arby’s out there in ‘Pequa when they have a FAT BURGER!!!!! just a mile away?

  • I love it, rejoice because you MAY work close to an Arby’s sometime in 2018.

  • Owned by conglomerate Triarc: Check

    Foodstuffs supplied by lowest bidder: Check

    Shitty signature product (roast beast): Check

    Sponsors NASCAR: Check


  • Jesus christ people, none of you have commented on the pic?!?

    Zach just mooned us. That’s total ass crack in that picture.
    Doc Chuck will get excited.

  • How about one for Northern NJ – grew up with one on Long Island – now have to schlep to Willowbrook Mall or Hackettstown to get one on the weekends :(

    (I love their fries)

  • Fucking incredible: Check

  • nice pic.

  • mmmm…horsey sauce

  • My dearest Mamacita:

    You may know me better than my own young and vibrant wife! LOL!!

    I am indeed thrilled that Arby’s is opening not one but 41 of their spectacular restaurants in New York City.

    When my wife and I travel about the country in our luxury motorcoach (and YES, we can easily afford to fuel it up, even these days) we always seek out an Arby’s if Red Lobster and Applebees are not to be found.

    I believe those three establishments to provide the greatest value in restaurant dining. And my wife agrees with me, by the way.

  • As well she should, after all she is an expert on petrified reconstituted beef.

  • The heck with Arby’s–I want SONIC!!!!

  • CockChug’s wife likes Arby’s because she heard you can’t beat their meat

    quite the opposite of her experience with Chuggy

  • Chucky and his bought on the net Thai wife travel the country in a ’73 VW camper van…..on the run from the authorities.

    Rather like the A team.

    But with Fuckwits.

  • Seriously! am I the only noticing that guys coin slot, ass crack… dare I say Gluteal Cleft??

  • Actually,Mamacita, now you mention it….it does seem to go rather high up………..he may be Mormon.

    Or a former Bostonian Choir boy.

  • I can’t get past the quad-faux-mo

  • Hey, at least his ass-crack’s not sporting a tail like Viggo Mortensen’s

  • To stevenp – me too…I’ve never been to one, but they show commercials here all the time (I’ve never understood this). I want all of their desserts.

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