Korean Fried Chicken Coming to Midtown For Lunch?!?

Posted in the comments yesterday: “Based on some of the feedback that I have gathered from this site, I have been trying to convince an investor group to open a Korean style fried chicken (ie: Bonchon Chicken) in Midtown. Do you think you would go for after work chicken and beer? If anyone has suggested locations, please let me know. I am thinking somewhere in the 50’s btw 6th Ave and Madison?” Hmmm. Let me think about this… uh, yeah! As long as it’s open for lunch too…


  • Obviously the best place is in Little Korea…

  • would it be really horrible if i had bonchon for lunch in midtown, and then again for dinner out by my home? if it’s from two different bonchons, then only one counts, right? Oh, and dubbin, i hear from koreans that the best korean is out by me in the far reaches of eastern Queens. i am investigating further; more to come.

  • Lucky east Queenian Koreans,i say.

  • Blondie, did you see the Korean Fried Chickie Roundup link I posted last time this came up?

    I’m a Queens lad myself

  • how soon can they open?!

  • I am 88% sure I just saw Zach at Margon’s getting a drink. I think I stared at him till he felt awkward and left. I am sorry about that Zach.. Just wasn’t sure if it was you…

  • haha. that was me… but I didn’t notice anybody staring. too busy cooling off with my delicious shake…

  • Dubbin- I think Zach would disagree… he says Little Korea is just a touch too far for him to have lunch… I recall a couple posts where he says it’s just outside of Midtown borders but he allows that extra block

  • Ay, wayne, I always knew you were a queen

  • Couldn’t resist a morir sonando huh? What makes Korean fried chicken so different? And speaking of Little Korea, did anyone ever hear of, or go to this upstairs hole in the wall that offered all you can eat sushi, and other hot japanese food for roughly 10-15 bucks? I believe it was 10 for lunch, not offering much variety in terms of sushi, but good enough… and it was 15 for dinner, but there were always like 5-10 different types of sushi. I believe for lunch it was like 5 different types, TOPS. Anyway it always seemed pretty but now they closed. :-(

  • @ lou – you know it! (although I actually ended up going with the Mamey) Is the buffet you’re thinking of Arang? I actually just mentioned that place in my Indian buffet post earlier today.

    @yvo – Koreatown is without a doubt in ML range. I made 32nd St. the southern boundary just for that reason.

    And, although there are Korean Fried chicken places in K-Town, none of them are open for lunch. That is why this place would be so amazing (if it happens.)

  • @ Zach: You know, I never knew the name, but I went sometime in November and they had stopped the all you can eat buffet thing, and became a run of the mill sushi restaurant… the vibe was nice… but it lost its uniqueness once they stopped the buffet… Basically the explanation I got was that it wasn’t making enough money… Fair enough… All I can say is that it was on 32nd st. btw 5th and 6th… it was a wooden door that had some windows… the walk upstairs led to a small placed divided into two sections and the decor was from my recollection mostly wooded furniture…

  • Ok, it was arang, I just saw the article on it… but yea, the last time i went in, it wasnt all you an eat… and this was dinner time… and the last time i TRIED TO GO… it was closed… during lunch, around 1:30.

  • Wayne, i will be having a bonbon vs. kyochon east queens smackdown soon, after i lose the 5 pounds of burger i gained in vegas (mmm, kobe sliders, sigh.)

  • Blondie: Exxxcellent.

    Mamacita, I’ll be queen to your king any time… mancave is on standby

  • Just wanted to share my obsession with Koryodang bakery. They have this bacon bread twist that is amazing & super cheap. Also many yummy treat under $2. Has there ever been a post about Koryodang Bakery on 32nd street?

  • no no no. After getting out of work, ESPECIALLY in mid town, the last thing I want to do is stay around here to eat and drink, that’s what lunch hour is for.

    The consensus will be to figure out a way to get chick-fil-a to NY in a real capacity, forget “proprietary” sauces from BonChon, which their business model itself is not built for serious profit imo, the few BCC’s i’ve been to can handle a handful of orders at a time and it takes 30 minutes from the time you order to get your food.

    Plus trying to sell “Korean” fried chicken to 7 million people in NYC who have never heard of such a thing will be a daunting task unless there is some investment in marketing the product to the masses, because the Korean style of Fried Chicken is excellent but people I know and talk to that I’ve spoken about it have no idea what to expect when they hear the name.

    Good luck, for your sake I hope I’m wrong about my view on it.

  • Still wondering what this “Korean” Fried Chicken is, and how it sets itself apart from… fried chicken.

  • no, no, no. low 40’s and further west, like 8th Ave!

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