Is The Party Over at Milant?

Listed on the right as my favorite sandwich in Midtown, Milant on 39th btw. Lex+3rd has been having some issues of late. Shuttered by the DOH, they’ve now been “closed for rennovations” for a few weeks. Before their rennovations, one commenter had this to say: “Went to Milant in June because I was craving gazpacho. There was a definite funk in the air, the sandwich was on at least day-old bread (tough and chewy), and the gazpacho, which cost an extra $1, had huge chunks of onion and tasted like canned tomatoes and refrigerator.” Even the rennovations are sounding a little dicey according to another commenter: “Walked by Milant. People inside looking like they were doing inventory or something. Place hasn’t been “renovated” and all the same food is sitting in there.”

It’s not sounding good. I walked by yesterday and the place was as described. Shuttered, with all the food still sitting in the windows and display cases. Not a good sign. We’ll see what happens when they re-open, but one thing is for sure… I may stay away on opening day (they’ve got to replace the old food, right?) In the meantime, I’m taking taking Milant off my favorites until they get their act together. Anybody have a worthy replacement for best sandwich in Midtown? Homefront Deli? Macaron Cafe? Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments…


  • Didn’t Homefront close? I walked by twice in the last 6 weeks during normal lunch hours and it was shuttered. Does anyone know if it’s still open?

  • I walked by Homefront yesterday and they were still open! I thought they were selling the place, but they were open yesterday- so either they changed their mind, they’re still looking for a buyer, or somebody bought the place and is keeping it the same

  • sadcakes. one of my absolute favorites by far. i went maybe 2 days before they were closed by the doh and my sandwich was good, however the soup was not. i ordered the split pea (my fave there) but it was split pea with chicken noodle in it – like a mash up of two soups. i didn’t eat it because i feared both must’ve been around too long.

  • A little far, but Milano gourmet on 34th b/w 5th and madison makes a serious, high quality sandwich. Good selection of gourmet breads to choose from (go for the olive ciabatta) and high quality meats.

  • On a completely un-related note. I went to the conveyor belt sushi place last week. Doing some random appitizers and being a little overly attended to by the staff still came in at $10 and pretty fresh food.

  • Thanks, Zach. I guess I had bad timing. I’ll definitely be returning to Homefront in the near future.

  • Homefront is still open, i go there almost every morning for 2 fried egg and cheese sandwich. But they did sell the building, the sale was listed in the NY Times a few weeks ago. not sure how much longer they’ll be open

  • Sandwich Planet. 9th Ave and 40th St. Yeah, I know, outside ML bounds. Suck it up and take the subway to Port Authority and walk the 2 minutes it takes to get there. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Thanks Juggy for the Milano Recco! Hit that for lunch today—best Italian Sub I have had since Rosario’s closed. A bit pricey but worth it!

  • Park Italian on 45th off of 6th ave has good cold cut sandwiches. 2 meats and a cheese for $6. Some meats 50 cents extra.

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    Hello everyone, Millant is comming back with a new look in January 2010.

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