The Ruby Tuesday Burger is Good?

At $11.99 for their cheapest burger, it’s out of the Midtown Lunch price range- but apparently the burger at Ruby Tuesday’s in Times Square (on 7th Ave. & 41st St.) is really good.  I still will never step foot inside that place just on principle, but for burger fans willing to spend a little bit extra,  AHT is usually right on about this stuff. [A Hamburger Today] 


  • I work across the street from Ruby Tuesday’s, so I’ve had the burger a couple of times when needing a place to have a quick sit-down meal to meet with a coworker. If you can stomach dropping $20 on a burger lunch (which is where you’re at if you order a soda plus tax/tip), it’s not a bad burger.

    If you’re going to spend that much, though, and you’re running solo or with one other person, you get an all around better burger eating experience with the cheeseburger at the bar at Del Frisco’s for only another buck or two.

  • I actually dig RT’s mini-burgers. They make a decent lunch. Although since I was just told to cut back on the salt in my diet I have to pass on them for a while. Ruby Tuesday is big on oversalting their food for some reason.

  • I don’t usually feel the urge to comment on anything directly online, but I feel compelled here to make sure that everyone understands just how awful the Ruby Tuesday’s burger is. I had their triple meat burger (ooh 3 types of meats ground together!) a few months ago, or whatever they call it, it’s awful, don’t do it to yourself, it’s not worth the money! Any money! I wouldn’t eat it if it was free (that’s a lie – but I would hesitate). It was just a not-good tasting burger, not seasoned well and didn’t taste like good quality meat. Soggy bun, sad lettuce…. go anywhere else and save your taste buds!!!

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