You Can Never Have Too Many Lenny’s (Wait, actually- can you?)

Thanks to Lunch’er Adam for passing along this sandwich chain expansion news: “Lenny’s is opening 3 new shops — one at 30 Rockefeller, one at 34th and 8th, and another out-of-bounds around Columbus Circle I think.  I saw the sign in the window in the store on 48 Street (btw. 5+6th.)  Personally, I’m not a big fan of their overpriced and not-always-so-good sandwiches.”


  • Lenny’s is actually one of the chains that I enjoy and our fallback delivery place. The ingredients for the salads are always fresh (or so I’m told, I never order a salad). The chicken sandwich combos are pretty darn good. My two personal favorites are the Jimmy T’s (Chicken cutlet with melted mozzarella cheese, grilled onion, sweet peppers and honey mustard) and the Chickavo (Grilled chicken breast with avocado, roasted red peppers, mesclun and ranch dressing).

  • Walked by Milant. People inside looking like they were doing inventory or something. Place hasn’t been “renovated” and all the same food is sitting in there.

  • yummerz

  • Imposter!

    Bloody cheek of it.

  • Where do they get the money to open so many?

    Honestly, their food sucks.

  • I’m with MM on this one. I’m not sure what everyone else has been ordering, but every sandwich I’ve ever had at Lenny’s has been damn good. The Lenny’s No. 1 and the Smoked Chicken Deluxe are my personal favorites.

    I’ll admit, there’s nothing sexy about a sandwich and salad chain, but for what they do, Lenny’s is one of the best in midtown.

  • They use the freshest ingredients around. I normally prefer sandwich places that are a bit more down and dirty, but Lenny’s is worth the extra dollar or two.

  • I am glad that they are opening near Columbus Circle! lov their #1 and chicavo but usually I will go for salad and yolato…

  • The “columbus circle area” one is NOT out of bounds, as it’s going to be on 8th Ave betweed 56/57th.

  • Awesome!

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