Airing of Grievances: Naples 45 & Woorijip Sushi Scam

I try my best not to be too negative on this site, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to vent. Every once in awhile I’ll share some of the more angry useful emails I get in a post called “Airing of Grievances”. (If the Eater Complaints Dept. would like royalties, I’ll be happy to pay up…)

Pepperoni Pizza @ Naples 45, Midtown NYC
Naples 45 Pizza Deal. Photo taken (what seems like) 17 years ago.

While Z Deli was rolling back the prices on their slice, it appears as if Naples 45 was doing the opposite. Originally you could get a $1.25 slice after 2pm at Naples 45.  At some point it was raised to $1.50, but now it appears as if the price has increased again.  And this guy sounds super pissed: 

“Needed a quick pizza fix and remembered your mention of this late lunch special. Guess what?? The price was $1.70… $1.90 with tax. True, it was tasty… but the ‘magic’ is definitely gone. And I’m sorry, the price of oil to blame is bogus.. they are just milking the attention your site gave ‘em. That’s my opinion. Even worse, I’m still hungry. Grrrrr.”

Dude… don’t blame this shit on me. It *is* probably this country’s dependence on foreign oil. Yeah, that sounds right.

Woorijip’s new sushi subterfuge, after the jump… 

Wait...Didn't the California Roll Used to Have 10 pieces?Blondie and Brownie have uncovered a sushi inconsistency at Woorijip.  The same $3.50 that got you 10 pieces of sushi last month, now only gets you 9.  Shocking?  Yes, but not nearly as bad as the banchan controversy that’s been brewing over Ambrosia.  We noted last month how Ambrosia, the deli on 45th btw. 5+6th with Korean food in the back, has been seriously skimping on their banchan (the little Korean side dishes you get with your meal.)  Another reader has sent in a more recent photo, and from the looks of it, it may be getting better:



Clearly the selection isn’t what it once was, but I like the look of the choices (is that jap chae?) and the portions are clearly in bigger containers.

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  • Does anyone else see the image of the Virgin Mary in the browned cheese on that pizza? Right there on the right hand side, a little lower than halfway down.

  • Doc, you need to start sharing that kool-aid…

  • Zach, I’m not blaming you… well then again, i guess indirectly i am. Just keep doing what your doing (namely this website) and we all will do are part keeping good finds in check.. fighting the good-eat fight (yikes, that was bad).

  • Worry not, my fine Midtown lunch frinds, DocCHuck sees virgins everywhere. He even thinks his blow up doll (he refers to her as Elizabeth, if such things immolate you) is a virgin, even mere minutes after he “deflowers” her. Again.

    I had to put my foot down when he wanted to have Elizabeth, who he had taken to calling “Mary” at around the time, play the part of the Virgin Mother in our community’s annual Manger display last Christmas.

    He also wanted to adopt a child from a third world country for the purpose of playing the starring role in the aforementioned display, but the local adoption authorities would have none of it.

  • Enough with the links to Blondie and Brownie’s blog.

  • I’m sorry, You’d have to be a sucker to pay for a California roll, whats the point if there’s no fish?

  • @ DocChuck’s Wife – what a bizarre post, not even remotely funny – eww

  • @AL@1PP: I generally go to Woorijip for the Spicy Pork and kimchi pancakes or the spicy tofu and veg kimbap, but I’ve found that the California roll there is decent and good for rounding out your meal in a fairly cheap way. Best sushi around? No. Best California Roll around? No. But I like it. And even with the missing piece of sushi, at $3.50 for 9 decent sized pieces, that’s still a pretty good price for an avocado roll with krab accents. :)

  • Brownie, add a few superlatives to that lukewarm endorsement and soon you’ll have a job offer to work for gay superman’s blog

  • now, now wayne, just because you’re missing mamacita and myself is no excuse to get feisty with my food partner in crime

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