Tad’s Steak Dare

From an email: “I have a request for you.  Certain people here at my office are obsessed with Tad’s Broiled Steaks and how bad it is.  It would be really cool if you would review the place and take pictures of the food.” I once wrote I would accept any Midtown eating challenge.  I knew at some point it would come back to bite me in the ass.  I guess the Tad’s write-up had to happen at some point, right?


  • “it wasn’t the flavor holocaust we expected”

    terrible description. time to go back to sensitivity school.

  • I think Pickled Herring meant to say “gristle-ly” steak, but it’s okay.

  • FYI…there is a lunch special!!

    $6.99 and you get:::
    -Strip or Cowboy Steak
    -Potatoes or Rice
    -Garlic Bread

  • I feel compelled at this time to do “rumor control,” so-called.

    For the record: I DO NOT (repeat “do not”) own a lifesize Jane Stern voodoo doll.

    And I never have.

    Although should such an item actually exist, I would be very much interested in obtaining one.

    Chuck, PhD

  • Hmm, the reviews at Tripadvisor from the foreign tourists are actually fairly positive. The reviews by locals are horrible. Have not eaten there since high school(1968). I think it’s for a return visit for the cowboy steak lunch. I’ll bring dental floss!

  • Tad’s …
    Ate there a few times in my youth
    99¢ was what the steak with baked potato and side went for

    It had a bad rep even back then

  • If Jane Stern gained about 600 pounds or so, you might say I resemble her. Slightly. In a Liv Tyler kinda way.

  • I just woke up from a dream I was having about Tad’s. Of all the posts on ML that I had to dream about…

    This guy kept stealing food off my plate and the staff (waiters and security of which I believe there are none in the actual Tad’s) kept ignoring me or ‘forgetting’ to bring me replacements. Finally after midnight and after a lot of pleading, this kind waitress took pity on me and brought me a plate of ‘special’ food that wasn’t normally served to customers. It turned out to be unbelievably delicious! There was avocado and real potatoes au gratin and sauteed mushrooms and… and… and amazingly enough… a tasty steak! (In fairness, maybe I was just ravenously hungry after several hours of helplessly watching someone else eat food off my plate.)

    I then woke up with a hindenburg of gas, which may explain the dream to begin with. Ohhhh, the humanity!

  • I have eaten there (about 3 times during one summer in 2005). For what it was not too bad, it tasted ok and I got a lot for my dollar…

    I didn’t get sick (but the only time I haven gotten sick from eating was Nachos Grande from the bleachers in Yankee Stadium)…

    I say give Tad’s a try (the Times Square one that is)

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