Wafels & Dinges Becoming a Midtown Mainstay

Imposter Waffle Truck
“Imposter” Waffle Truck Spotted Near the West Side Highway

Been getting tons of waffle truck sightings in the inbox lately, and Blondie & Brownie confirm. The OG Waffels & Dinges truck has been parked on 46th btw. 5+6th the past two days, and plans on being there again today (and probably tomorrow) until 3:30-4 pm. The rain looks like it may keep them off the street today, but one thing is clear- W&D appears here to stay. You can check their twitter page for updates.

I also spotted the “Imposter” Waffle Truck parked in Midtown West the past two nights. Many carts and trucks have parking spaces near the West Side Highway, and it doesn’t necessarily mean they are setting up shop in Midtown, but it would seem like a convenient option. We may even end up with our own Truck War, like the one brewing in Union Square.

Waffle truck sightings are totally welcome in the comments…

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