Finally, A Midtown Lunch Gets Starred by the New York Times!


In the past two months alone, the New York Times has discovered numerous Midtown Lunch’ing favorites.  There was the Treats Truck piece, and the mention of the Jamaican Dutchy cart, plus the under $25 review of Sophie’s Cuban.  But this… this is much much bigger.  Midtown Lunch’ers have know about Szechuan Gourmet, on 39th btw. 5+6th, for awhile, but now the secret is officially out.  Frank Bruni awarded the Chinese restaurant 2 stars in this mornings New York Times.  Not a fun little piece about our favorite sit down Chinese restaurant in Midtown.  Not even an under $25 review (amazingly lunch is still under $10).  A full fledged, rate it like you’re eating at Le Bernardin, New York Times review.   Two mother-fucking stars. That is some crazy shit.  A Midtown Lunch people!   

Back in March I wrote about how much of a madhouse the place had become during lunch.  I can’t even imagine what it’s going to be like now.  As long as the lunch menu stays under $10 I’m not gonna be mad…

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  • I like all the references to Spicy and Tasty, which is my favorite place for Sichuan. But that’s because I’m frequent Flushing pretty often.

  • great grammar, I know. I’m = I

  • God damn New York Times, they ruin everything!

  • Yea this place is gonna be madhouse now… it already gets crazy sometimes. Lunch specials here are great and if you go in and order the regular dishes, those are good as well.

  • Midtown Lunchers, plan to start eating at Szechuan at 10:30am from now on

  • I’m sort of glad I work too far away so I don’t know what I”m missing, but if Bruni does something on Oms/b, I’m going to be mad!!!

  • I agree– liked the shout out to Spicy & Tasty — that place is amazing…the szechuan pork is to die for – makes my mouth water as I type the words.

  • Fo’reals, I almost fell off my seat when I saw he’d 2starred this place. :) You got the scoop tho ;)

  • how come SG doesn’t have chicken with broccoli on their lunch combo menu? wtf… is their wonton soup good?

  • @Chix n Broc – I hope you are kidding.

  • I think Bruni gets his ideas from Midtown Lunch :)

  • that is some craziness. i really wish i could find some lunchtime pork belly over here on the east side. also, i’m really liking the use of swears in this post, zach. don’t ask me why.

  • That’s because Zach keeps it REAL!

    Now if we could only enforce the “No Snitchin’” rule on not giving away precious ML secrets!

  • @Chix n Broc – It’s ok, they still have the sticky chicken trifecta: General Tso’s, Sesame, and Sweet and Sour.

  • @Chix n Broc – It’s best to just steer clear of this place so that the rest of us can have a spot during lunch. >=)

  • Save the chicken and broccoli when you are eating at a Magic Wok in a mall food court.

  • But they do have Beef with Broccoli

  • just got lunch special chicken with string beans and have to say it was nothing more then medicore; rather plain and tasteless. soup too. sad.

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