Free Lunch at Pump

For those of you interested in the newly designed Pump Energy Kitchen on 40th & Madison, Feisty Foodie has a write up with photos (although in the post, she admits she’s never eaten a burrito?!?!)  And if you’re *really* interested, she’s giving away free lunch vouchers as well.


  • Ooh, thanks Zach!!!
    And because everyone keeps asking, burritos are like 3-4 inches across and have rice, beans, etc. in them generally right? My mouth is pretty physically small, I don’t like getting that messy, and I am one of those people who doesn’t like mixing starches/carbs. That’s THREE starches mixing (tortilla, beans, rice), and I can’t figure out how to eat one comfortably without it exploding down the front of my shirt! So, there you go. I have, however, eaten burrito bowls, and occasionally attempted wrap sandwiches (of which I am not a huge fan). So there =P

  • Yvo, what can I say… I’m … I’m.. just disappointed…~sigh

  • Don’t feel bad Yvo, I too don’t like mixing starches & I hate soft tortilla & wraps. So I never eat wraps or burittos. I’m fine with it.

  • Mixing starches/carbs with each other is fine. Mixing them with protein is where the digestive system gets confused/impaired. Healthwise, it’s best to have an all-carb meal or an all-protein/fat meal. Unfortunately, we generally eat sandwiches, burritos, etc. which happen to have the least optimal combination of food types.

    As for eating a burrito, you don’t need to cut and don’t need a large mouth. Just hold it vertically (making sure the bottom end is folded over!) and nibble away from the top. It’s easy. Don’t squeeze it, don’t drop it….

  • @Steve- can you write up other how-to activities? And throw in the word nibble.

  • Ps. I didn’t mean to sound dirty.

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