Fancy Pop Up Food Court Brings Magnolia Bakery to Midtown Today?!?

From the Midtown Lunch Inbox:  ”There’s some kind of home and garden event going on [in front of Rock Center] which ends today. There are about 12 or so restaurants with little stands set up selling pretty decent lunches. Even Magnolia has a booth set up with cupcakes and other pastries. Yesterday I got a BLT with the most amazing slice of bacon. It was about an inch thick and 10 inches long. A bacon steak if you will. It came with lemonade and fries chips for $11 (a bit pricey but wow was it delicious). I recommend trying to check it today before it leaves.”


  • Zach,

    where at in the Rock? It’s mighty spacious down there…

  • Where the farmer’s market usually is or the Christmas tree. They built out a gazebo you can’t miss.

    And by fries I meant chips with the BLT.

  • I just went to take a gander and to scope out these burgers that were mentioned.

    Instead I opted for the more affordable lobster roll ($10; Brasserie Ruhlmann) and the mini pulled pork with cole slaw burger ($3 ea, Witchcraft). I would go early seeing that I went 11:30 and there were already lines forming for the burgers….mostly curious tourists. Be prepared to fight through the crowd.

    Burgers were to the south side of the gazebo, lobster roll and pullled pork on the north side of the gazebo.

  • I just hit this up. The lobster roll was fine for $10 (at the very least it had a decent chunk of lobster and was on a yummy potato roll), and the pulled pork was a tasty quick bite of food.

  • I couldn’t find aformentioned bacon steak despite 2 pass throughs so I scored a cheese burger, 5 minute wait, 8oz, over charcoal, the guys working the grill are clueless (pulling cheese off when someone asks for a plain hamburger, doing them in complete batches loading up the grill only after the complete first traunche is done). Despite the idocy I lucked out with a medium rare when I thought for sure it would be a hockey puck. Nothing else really struck my fancy. Stands I remember:

    Sea Grill
    Some wine bar (seving tacos)
    Two Boots

    The gimmie bag contained a Bertolli Premium Champignon & Portobello Mushroom Pasta Sauce (in a bag) and a tube of Eucerin body lotion amidst all the advertising (which was promptly tossed).

  • Anyone know how late this is going on for? i need a quick bite to eat before my evening plans.

  • I tried the tacos and they were great – they were from Morrell Wine Company (sp?) which is a wine store around the corner. The lamb tacos were great but pricey $10 for four (4). I was hungry again an hour later which is my fault for trying them over the beef chili from Daisey Mae’s cart nearby. The burger line was ridiculous.

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