Burger Joint Is on GQ’s Top 5

The Burger Joint in the Parker Meridien (on 56th btw. 6+7th) qualifies as one of Alan Richman’s Top 5 Burgers in New York City.  No surprise there- but the strange thing is how he recommends eating it: “Order a plain, unadorned burger, put nothing whatsoever on it, and eat. You’ll be stunned that something this straightforward can be this good… No burger in New York is in need of ketchup less than this one.”


  • Anyone been lately? How are the lines around lunch time?

  • Danny, call ahead and you can skip the line. It’s one of my few speed dials.

  • I was there early this week about 1ish and there were maybe a half dozen people on line and a 5 minute wait, as I left though the line was out into the outer hallway.

    Do what Blondie says (always) and you’ll be a happy man.

  • The Secrets that cell phone must hold.

  • Oh, Rudy, I’m smart enough to know not to leave secrets in my phone. You never know who’s hands it may end up in or when it’ll be subject to the prying eyes of a jealous lover.

  • What about BLT Burger??? Definitely in my top 5 burgers. And I disagree with the purest way to eat a burger. Proper CHEESEBURGER should be dressed with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, white onion, ketchup and mayo (or a derivative sauce that combines mayo and something like ketchup). DO IT….DO IT!!! Like the write up on the Blue Smoke burger sounds like something I should try.

  • Burger Joint is the midtown answer to Corner Bistro – a decent burger that becomes legendary through the sweat and labor of….publicists and the media.

    I bet it’s all because of that damn curtain

  • Wayne, I respectfully disagree. I feel like the burger argument has probably been covered a dozen times here, but I can’t leave the Burger Joint undefended. Love the burger/bun ratio, love the burger (not the most amazing quality of meat, but mine actually comes back medium and not overcooked, and does not fall apart, and is perfectly juicy), love the burger experience as a whole. Though could do without the crowd.

  • That’s cool LC. Opinions (and taste) are like assholes – everybody’s got one. I’m a Shake Shack diehard. Having tried both, only the Shack is like a perfectly crafted gustatory orgasm to me. Joint is quite good, but so are Paul’s, Keen’s, Luger’s, Bistro, etc etc etc. I just never found it to be at the pinnacle.

  • When you read about how much folks love places like Shake Shack and Burger Joint, and rave about no needing condiments you should look to the butcher for the answer – in this case Pat LaFrieda. He creates custom beef blends for many of the great burgers in NYC. Now if only his blends were easier to obtain at retail…

  • I don’t get it why people rave about the Burger Joint burgers. It’s on par with just about any diner I’ve been to. In fact, I prefer the burgers at Judge Roy Bean on 56th st (a dive bar with a shockingly good kitchen).

  • check out the Gobbl Feed! Check out http://www.gobbl.com/feed for our take on the top 5 burgers in town.

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