Indus Express Loses the Salad Bar; Newsstand Indian Gets Massive Makeover

Two of the better Indian lunches in Midtown have undergone some changes…  Indus Express (on 48th btw. 5+6th) known for their giant version of the Kati Roll, has gotten rid of their salad bar- the lone holdover from City Market Cafe, the generic deli that originally occupied the space.  They’ve added more seating in that space, plus a small table filled with Indian snacks that are now for sale.

But the real big changes have been happening at Khodiar Express, the vegetarian food inside the former Newsstand on 6th Ave. btw. 37+38th.  See if you can follow this… the Gujarati Indian food, which used to be in the back left hand corner, has moved to the front, right next to Taj Delhi Chat  which opened along the right hand wall two months ago.  The latin food, which moved from the now closed Blimpie next door, to the back right hand corner of the “newsstand”, has also moved to the right hand wall.  And finally, between the two, a Middle Eastern steam table has opened up, serving Israeli style falafel.

Got that all?  If not, there are semi-helpful photos after the jump… 


From right to left: Indian, Indian, Israeli, Latin


The newly opened Israeli falafel steam table.

Considering how good Olympic Pita is (on 38th btw. 5+6th) I think it’s going to be awhile before I try the Israeli food… but I do have a date with some chaat in the near future.


  • It’s our very own Singapore-style hawker center! Now if they would just do the same for the Red Hook Ball Fields vendors, so I can have huaraches year-round…

  • Love the Pani Puri and Bhel Puri from Taj Delhi Chat… Indian street for $5, can’t be beat!

  • EDIT: Indian street food

  • And the place is now serving Non-vegetarian entrees. Chicken Entrees =$7, Lamb=$7.50. THere’s also Biryani among other stuff.

  • In addition to the falafel table, there’s also a non-veg indian steam table (biryani and stuff like that). But neither of the two new offerings look very good. I’ve never eaten anything other than the veggie lunch thali and the chaat.

    The most popular food in the store is the veggie thali and then, in descending order, the spanish food and the chaat. I go here every single day of the workweek for the thali (I learned about it from this website — thanks Zach!!) and I don’t remember seeing anyone ever ordering a falafel or biryani. That tells me they’re no good.

  • my friend and i ate the food after reading about this place.. she was throwing up the food an hour after she ate it and I had fears of diarrhea all weekend.. not going back there again!

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