West Tandoori Club is Now Touch of India (Still All-You-Can-Eat)


The West Tandoori Club (on 37th btw. 7+8th), which closed for renovations over a month ago, has re-opened as Touch of India.  Gone is the dingy atmosphere, and take out counter in the back- replaced with a nice (but by no means well designed) atmosphere that is typical of these kinds of Midtown restaurants.  Thankfully they still offer the all you can eat buffet, and shockingly it’s still under $10 (making it one of the very few left in Midtown.)

Interior buffet shots, after the jump… 


I’m not positive, but I think the buffet at West Tandoori was bigger. Even so, it looked good enough- and at $9 it’s a welcome sight. Unfortunately, after spending the weekend eating the shit out of Montreal, I wasn’t about to buffet it up (sorry, even fat guys need a break every once in awhile) so I didn’t actually try the food. That will have to wait for another visit. (Early adopters, feel free to go, eat, and comment below.)

Touch of India, 232 W. 37th St. (btw. 7+8th), 212-560-9414


  • Zach those pics from Montreal are awesome, man, you sure know how to eat……… that stuff is off the hook.

  • Does anyone else find it funny they put a sexy manniquin to sell their food in front of the resturant?

  • I think that’s a certain blow-up friend we all know and love.

  • So funny…I just went here yesterday on a whim to see if West Tandoori Club was still around. There is such a lack of good Indian places in the area. Food was decent although they forgot part of my order (I didn’t do buffet). I’d still go back though.

  • @ Cait: Nice! Zing!

  • “All you can eat Indian buffet”

    Could there be a better oxymoron than that?

  • Has anyone tried the Chat?

  • Ate lunch here today, most dishes were pretty watery. Some were very spicy, it was a good value but thats about it. Spice Fusion is worth the extra 2 dollars.

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