Indian Food Lady/Apple Store/Burger Update

This Upper Midtown West update was posted in the comments today by Bossman: “12:45 no [Indian Food Lady near the apple store] but [Carnegie] John is back!! There’s still a line on 58th for the iCARETHATEVERYONEELSETHINKSIMCOOLBYVIRTUEOFWHATIOWN albeit it only stretches as far as FAO today. More importantly, Burger Joint is still a good lunch (albeit $11.00)”


  • I love these update, partially for the cart watches, but more for the OMGINEEDAIPHONETOLOOKCOOL updates. seriously, I really appreciate these line length updates so i can plan my iphone strategy. =D

  • I thought Bossman was supposed to be stalking me, not some Indian biddy and hipsters!

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