Airing of Grievances: “Sugo! Owes Me Money”

Oftentimes people will get angry and upset, and for some reason choose to email me to complain it.  The good ones, I put up in a post called “Airing of Grievances.”  Usually the emails will complain about how a Lunch’er was wronged by some restaurant in Midtown- but my favorite emails are the ones that come from people who are too stupid to realize that they are not emailing the restaurant directly.  This email arrived in the ole inbox yesterday.  It’s not a complaint, but I still thought it’s worth posting:


From: Y. Rodriguez
Date: Tue, Jul 8, 2008 at 12:49 PM
Subject: Past Due Balance Sugo Restaurant

Your account has a past due balance, please call me at [removed] ext 18.

Thank you for your business

Ms. Y. Rodriguez
Accounting Department

Really? Seriously? Are there actually people out there that know so little about using the interwebs that they would mistaken this page for a restaurant website? Well since you were kind enough to email, I will be kind enough to reply. (It’s the nice thing to do, right?)

Dear Ms. Rodriguez,

Sugo! e Basilico has been closed since April. I’m sure they appreciated all the cleaning and fire prevention services your company provided, but I’m guessing you are probably not going to get paid.

Zach “I have nothing to do with Sugo! e Basilico beyond stuffing my face with their Italian burritos and writing about it on my stupid blog” Brooks

Well, that solves that problem. If you actually have something you’d like to complain about to Midtown Lunch (and not the restaurants themselves) feel free to send your emails to


  • If the contact information was based in midtown, you missed an excellent opportunity to discuss some of the city’s South-American inspired restaurants and possibly missed out on a lead or two with Ms. Rodriguez.

    Can I complain about that? Pfft. :)

  • You mean Blondie & I cannot adopt Bossman legally from this site?


  • Zach, how else am i going to get my hands on one of Rudy’s houses if i don’t adopt Bossman with him? Throw a sister a bone.

  • WAAAAAAA!!!!!!! Mama…. me hungry.

  • You’re all a bunch of weirdos…… I’m going to attack gentrifiers on Brownstoner now.

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