New Bubble Tea/Froyo Combo Opens in Midtown

Galaxy 2.0

We can add one more location to the list of bubble tea places in Midtown that got put in the comments of this Profile last month.  Galaxy 2.0 has opened up on 38th St. btw. 5+6th serving frozen yogurt, smoothies, and a slushy version of bubble tea out of of a takeout window.  At $3.50 for a small, it’s slightly more expensive than a few of the other Midtown options, but they blend it with ice, making it pretty refreshing for the summertime.  I had Taro, which was prety tasty, but on second look I think I may have to try the “cookies and cream.”  They also serve a version of Pinkberry’ish frozen yogurt, with the green tea option being replaced by blueberry (???).  They didn’t have cap’n crunch as a topping, so I’ll be sticking with Red Mango- thanks.

More photos, after the jump…

Galaxy 2.0

Galaxy 2.0

Galaxy 2.0

Galaxy 2.0, 24 W. 38th St. (btw. 5+6th)


  • Sweet. I know where I’m going tomorrow!!!

  • i love how it says, “tapioca + milk + flavor”

    that’s what i need. flavor. how do you add flavor like that with just a plus sign?

    don’t let the funny language mess you up though, the watermelon one is tasty and refreshing.

  • Soymilk, yeah!! Now we can all have some. I’m going there after work. I always feel so silly when I order a bubble tea, but chomping on those pearls gets addictive. Reminds me of the best part of carvel’s ice cream shakes- the chocolate crunchies at the bottom, woo hoo!

  • I love this place. So far I’ve tasted the watermelon and the taro flavors. Both excellent. Little expensive but still worth it in my opinion.

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