When Midtown Lunch’ers “Decide”, Bad Places Close

freshportions2In February, I asked you guys weigh to in on Good Portions, a Pan-Asian fast food place on Lexington btw. 39+40th that I desperately wanted to like.  The one or two dishes I tried there, were not the best- but I thought that somebody must have had one good thing to eat from their extensive menu.  Apparently I was wrong.  Based on the comments, you people didn’t like Good Portions all that much, and based on the sign I saw in the window when I walked by the place today, it appears as if they have closed.  I’ll admit “Sorry we are close… for business” is not as definitive as it could be (does that mean today or for good?), but I’m guessing they’re not re-opening.


  • Can we have some happy news?

    A McDonalds Burning down for instance,with maybe Cheney Trapped inside…as Greenspan and Powell Laugh from the sidewalk(pavement).

    OR!!!! Katz’s being DOH’d for that bloody silly $50 minimum for a lost ticket sign.Great food,shyte ‘tude.

    Pet hate,sorry.

  • This gives me hope that something edible will open up in that spot.

  • I can’t wait to tell my co-workers that their beloved crap-Asian food is closed.

  • Well, I liked good portions. So, now that it is gone, where can I get a good cheap Roti Canai? I became really addicted to good portions Roti Canai.

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