Wafels and Dinges in Midtown?

A commenter noticed this post on Chowhound referring to a truck that was spotted last Wednesday on 49th & Madison selling waffles and dinges.  Can anybody confirm? Has it been seen since?  OG truck or one of the newer imposters?  Please to comment…


  • sometimes the w&d truck (the bright yellow one) is in midtown in the mornings. the actual location seems to be spotty. one of my coworkers has seen it a few times here on the east side. i don’t know how regularly they park here, though.

  • There’s one always parked at lunchtime on Park Ave S btw 26th and 28th. Not midtown, tho. Maybe someone was confused. I find chowhound to be snobby and unreliable.

  • I just spotted it an hour ago at Columbus Circle.

  • you should be able to keep up with wafels & dinges at http://twitter.com/waffletruck

    given that the new york life building was hassling them they might be spending more time in midtown

  • Just saw the truck outside 46th street court yard pavilion between 5th and 6th. It’s the actual W&D’s truck. It’s parked right across from the entrance to the Super 8 Motel on 46th, where the scaffolding for the construction was taken down last week.

    Gonna go for lunch in a few.

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