Piece of Chicken Gets the DOH; East Ocean is Gone


One of my favorite Out of Bounds lunches, Piece of Chicken (on 45th btw. 8+9th) was closed by the DOH yesterday for an “expired operating permit.”  This place opened last year in the kitchen of Caribbean restaurant Jezebel, selling $1 pieces of fried chicken out the back door.  Jezebel closed, and a wall was built, effectively turning P.O.C into its own little take out place.  Jezebel is now Five Napkin Burger, and Piece of Chicken is one of the best places to get cheap and quick soul food in Midtown West.  They will re-open in the middle of next week, and urge people to call and confirm.  212-582-5973.


Plus I walked by East Ocean, a little steam table Chinese place on 55th btw. Lex+3rd which has closed.  Someobody commented about this in the beginning of June, but I think subconciously I ignored it (hoping it wasn’t true.)  That upper corner of Midtown East really is a dead zone.

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  • Damn, did the DOH get some Homeland Security money!? They have been on a tear this year. They even got to Mahmouns.

  • I walked by the other day. Still closed. Is it just an expired permit? Or do they have a (dirty) secret?

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