Fresh Bites Closes Down- Only 2849 More Generic Midtown Delis to Go.


Fresh Bites (on 6th Ave. btw. 56+57th) was my friend Dan’s favorite Midtown Lunch… and now it’s gone.  I guess people don’t want “fresh tastes at great prices.”  I ate there once (on his recommendation) and had a good lunch but nothing special.  It did have its fans though, and I’m sure it will be missed.  Oh wait… no it won’t.  There are a million other places like it still open in Midtown. Nevermind.


  • Generic as it was, the pressed panini’s were actually pretty decent and usually a buck or so cheaper than other generic places.

    I am sad to see it go…

  • Must be beacuse I moved to Chicago and took my business with me. RIP Fresh Bites, I’ll miss you….

  • I loved it cause it was cheap, like me….

  • It was a nice place to stop when you were indecisive but wanted to eat in central park. Although there’s always the sandwiches at Fika too.

  • I dream about the Chicken Tijuana (#12), reminded me of Mexico, with the Donkey shows, tequila, and cactus dancing all between two slices of warm bread. I would love to sneak one of those greasy sanwiches into my ever-growing stomach. I hope it reopens soon, they sure could work a panini press like nobody’s business…..

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