7 Best Street Eats for Summer

The NYDN published the 7 best street eats in NYC in their summer guide yesterday, and 3 of the recommendations came from yours truly.  “Street Cart Expert” is a bit of a stretch, but I guess it sounds better than “fat guy who will eat anything.”


  • Nice work Zach – suggestion #7 from Mr. Cutlets is one of the finest snacks in NYC – a rural asian take on the beloved kebab, available in beef lamb or chicken. Lamb and chicken are my fave, done “spicy” – a juicy sizzling treat

    CockChug would have a shit hemorrhage

  • Yeah, I fully admit my 3 recs are nothing new for the Midtown Lunch faithful… but i’m for sure going to use the rest of the list as a checklist!

  • How about the Swami of Street Meat?
    The Connoisseur or Carts?

  • What about Gordon Ramsay @ The London Hotel?

    That was irony, see it?…..did you?

    And I reiterate, there is no finer street food than eating a stackburger,with a bottle of wine @ 1.30pm as all the office bunnies give you dirty looks as their lunch hour finishes….as one grins back at them…with grease running down ones chin(s).

    But thats just me.

  • The Regent of Reflux

    The Imperial Instigator of Indigestion & Incontinence

  • Steel Belted Stomach of Street Eats
    The Midwaist of Midtown?

  • Aw, you are beloved!

    I must say, I’m pretty brave when it comes to street meat, but I draw the line at street ceviche.

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