Midtown Links (Spicy Pork Edition)


  • It took me a while, but I’m finally with everyone else on this blog re: Gay Superman. He’s an IDIOT! I’ve tried three different things he suggested; all sucked. Whoever taught the NYC food blogger secret handshake to Gay Superman deserves a good caning

  • Gay Superman sucks. Stop the damn links to his blog. Are you guys screwing each other on the side?

  • Wayne,agreed

    It’s the ‘ and i sugest you don’t either’ thats added to a condeming revue that gets on me tits

    I’ll make my own bloody mind up thank you.

    And the cell phone pics are crap too.

  • When I alerted this site weeks ago, about the dangers of eating imported food (particularly seafood) from China, I was verbally attacked, and was accused of being a “racist” and worst.

    Give me a BREAK!

    These people (the Chinese) are hell bent on poisoning us Americans with their crap, from seafood to toothpaste. They have killed hundreds of people and sickened THOUSANDS of people world-wide with their filthy, chemical-laden products.

    The Chinese are exporting filthy crap to our country, and ANYONE who purchases ANY product, food or otherwise, is risking their health . . . and indeed their life!

    The Chinese do NOT have the same perception of “food” as we native Americans have . . . and, until American people come to understand that, they will be risking their health by purchasing ANY product from China!

    We need to shut down Chinese imports NOW!

  • Tsk, tsk and you thought you were saving money by scoffing the dog food.

  • Chucky, McDonalds,Wendys, et’al have killed far more americans than al quiada,the viet con, taliban and the nazis put together.

    And what do you mean by a different perception of food?..are you implying they ingest food through their anuses and shit through their mouths?.If so you look like you’ve been doing it for at least 60 years.

  • I’m bummed that the hot dog place on 33rd st didn’t get the best review, I’ve been eyeing it for weeks waiting for just the right event for a processed meat/drink combo lunch. Everytime I stand outside of it though I think “just 25 more steps to Jamaican fast food…” mmm, I’ve been eating a lot of Golden Krust lately. Their fried chicken is no joke my friends.

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