Bits & Pieces (the Plywood Edition)


The rennovation of the 47th St. Japanese Convenience Store between Lexington & 3rd continues on, and I got this look inside.  It’s hard to make out exactly what is going to happen to this place, but as long as they keep all the bentos and fun stuff they used to serve (at fairly low prices) it should be good.  The store, which is owned by the upstairs restaurant Amakusa, has been closed since January.


Major plywood just went up at the original Kati Roll location on 46th btw. 6+7th, covering not only Kati Roll but another location next door.  Still no word on what may be moving into the place… but from the last bit of info I got, it probably won’t be a Midtown Lunch.

Speaking of speculation, info about the Strawberry space in the McGraw Hill plus the Indian buffet on 37th St., after the jump… 

The West Tandoori Club on 37th btw. 7+8th is still closed.  Rennovations continue, and they hope to re-open next week.  I’ll try to keep an eye on it…

And finally, it turns out I was right about Oceana moving into the McGraw Hill Building.  The New York Times reported it today.  Bummer.  Think about the enormous Midtown Lunch’ish buffet they could have fit in that space…

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