Taco Trucks Fight Over Who Has the Biggest Sombrero

Midtown NYC Taco Cart

With all the talk over Patsy’s (Patty’s?) Taco Truck making a two day appearance in Midtown, it’s not surprising that the two mainstay Midtown taco trucks have been mentioned a bit in the past week. There is the sombrero topped taco truck on 50th btw. 6+7th, and the previously sombrero-less Tacos/Burritos cart on 54th and Madison. I say “previously” because it appears as if this cart has come down with a case of sombrero envy…

Tacos/Burritos Cart

I don’t know… but those two hats look pretty pathetic to me. If you can’t compete with the giant sombrero, why bother even trying? If you haven’t been to either of these carts yet, don’t get too excited. While they’re both ok, they bear more resemblence to a gringo family’s “taco night”, than something that could actually be referred to as Mexican. In other words, if you like nacho cheese, and hard shelled tacos you’ll love both of these carts. For those of us looking for a more authentic taco experience, we’ll keep holding out that Patty’s Taco Truck will return.

Tacos/Burritos Cart on 54th & Madison (no sombrero)
50th St. Taco Cart (with sombrero)


  • It’s not how big your sombrero is, it’s how you use it.

  • and whether or not you can fill it

  • Now, now… there’s no reason to get a big head.

  • The big sombrero (which I affectionately call Carne de Calle) is one of my favorite carts. They are very clean and the food is great. I’ve never had any nasty reactions to their food :) It used to be my mainstay when I worked at 50th and 6th.

  • I loved the cart in the picture. I’m sad that my office moved 2 blocks south.

  • Wait…… what?

  • i am trying the sombrero truck on 50th / 6th for the first time, i ordered the beef burrito platter
    ground beef, not shredded, that is a minus — but the seasoning is good
    rice is flavorless, may as well be white rice.
    refried beans are ok…
    i should have went with the review…this is a miss.

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